Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More From The Crew

The monthly ill-ec-tro-nic night down at cafe 1001 has been going for a good while now and alongside myself and Langer each night also features a guest or two. Some guests are more like residents really and today's post features a couple of extremely tasty bits from one of our regulars, Chris Bauer.

First up is an hour long excerpt of his set from last month and it's a tight as you like delivery of techno-tinged goodness all the way.

Chris Bauer - live mix at cafe 1001 (09/10/08)

Tracklist as follows:

1) loco dice - a chico a rhytmico
2) the mole - like the way
3) holger zilske - the bees
4) marc houle - selection 12
5) click box - sugar pain
6) bostro pesopeo - falls (hercules & love affair remix)
7) future/past - jam packed
8) reboot - we funk
9) michel cleis - deconstructed (koooks 'binary nutcracker' remix)
10) marc houle - on it
11) plastikman - risk assessment
12) reboot - assign the source
13) matthew dear - send you back
14) clause four - walking

In addition to his DJing, Chris also does visuals for live performances (head over to his website for a look) and has recently turned his hand to music production. He's just finished his first track and it's a slice of dark and dirty minimalism that he's decided to name slunk. There's no download I'm afraid but you can check it out in full over at his soundcloud page.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Been A While...

...but I've finally got round to finishing some new tracks.

As with the majority of my previous efforts, both cuts fit under the broad categorisation that is techno but they are both fairly different from one another.

Third Day is pretty much a dancefloor banger whereas Sith Lullaby is one of those strange beasts that plods along in a mellow kind of way before changing tone and getting a little dirtier. Anyway, that should be sufficient to give you a taster of what each has in store so I'll avoid further descriptive dissection and just leave you with the music.

Nanorhythm - Third Day //unreleased
Nanorhythm - Sith Lullaby //unreleased

The tracks are also available via the Soliton Research website and any constructive criticism that anyone cares to make will be greatly received.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Temperature Control

Having recently been away and taking a break from the blogosphere, this post is badly overdue. I got sent this debut album '40 Below' by L'ascenseur aka Peter Grant from Switzerland. It is a fine collection of abstract electronics, broken beats, dark vocal pop and deep echoey Dubstep influences.

'Tasty' will appeal to fans of French electro pop artist Colder, with its metronomic beats and spoken word vocal styles. 'Alea' is very nice Dubstep influenced instrumental track (as played by Mary Anne Hobbs) which takes its cues from Shackleton's work. Overall the album is a dark brooding set of abstract electronica that deserves to heard by the greater electronic community out there.

This album is only available direct from the artist himself so if you want to hear more, check out his myspace and send an email to gimmeth AT

L'ascenseur - Tasty

L'ascenseur - Alea

Another great release that got sent through to ill-ec-tro-nic towers is the new album by Croatian Techno producer Petar Dundov. Dundov has been releasing electronic music since 2000 and has had his ambient productions released on Jeff Mills' Tomorrow label no less. He joined Music Man records in 2002 and since has had a string of releases culminating in 'Escapements' which brings together the two singles 'Oasis' and 'Waterfall', plus new material. 'Oasis' is the particular standout track for me as it manages to be be both minimal and building, yet retain a subtle melody at its heart which transends the track to greatness. The other single 'Waterfall' is a Detroit Techno track in the classic sense with soaring strings and synth lines which really make it fly.

Petar Dundov - Oasis // Music Man

Escapements is out now and can be bought from Juno

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Speak My Language

The days when beatboxing was limited to a purely hip hop sound palette are long since behind us and where the likes of the UK's Beardyman has been wowing crowds at his live gigs with his ability to incorporate 4-4 techno workouts into his performances, a vocal contortionist from across the pond has taken this idea in a different direction by using his voice as a sound source from which he then crafts complete tracks.

Dave Aju (real name Marc Barrite) has just released his first full length album, Open Wide and although the record has a more soulful and housey vibe than I typically go for, I can't help but be in awe of how such a varied collection of 'electronic' sounds can be produced from the ultimate in analog equipment (albeit that heavy digital processing has clearly been applied thereafter). Aju's ability to produce basslines as well as beats is what particularly impresses me but while the record as a whole makes pleasant listening it's the 'impure' bonus cut featuring Luciano and his box of studio toys that really elevates the release for me. Luciano's 11 minute remix of Crazy place blends 'real' instruments into the vocally produced sounds to delivery a constantly evolving dancefloor number and when it gets into full swing at the halfway mark I defy you to stand still or stop tapping out the beat on whatever's in the proximity of your headphones.

Dave Aju - Crazy Place (Luciano Remix) // Circus Company

Open Wide is available at Juno and Crazy Place (inc. the Luciano remix) is also available as a 12" although you may have to do a little digging for this as my usual haunts have sold out.

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Free Fabric Tickets

Just a quickie today as Fabric are offering a pair of tickets to give away for this Saturday again. Highlights this week include Mike Shannon, Cassy (check out her remix of Mikkel Metal's Peaks & Troughs btw) & the legendary Larry Heard. Details of the full lineup are available here.

Time is short so if you want to be in with a chance to go just mail us at[AT] with 'Give me the damn tickets!' in the subject field.

A winner will be picked at random on Friday lunchtime.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Computer Love

Florian Meindl had been working has way through the ranks of the noughties minimal scene for a few years now. With previous releases on labels including Trapez, Resopal, Kling Klong and his own Flash Recordings, Meindl has been gaining a growing reputation as a producer to keep your eye on. His forthcoming release on Hell Yeah should help to cement this reputation further, delivering as it does, two solid cuts of trance-tinged techno. Marble is a fairly straightforward dancefloor affair, layering washes of synths on top of regimented percussion and using an old school vocal snippet to drive the chorus. 8 Bit Romance is a more melodic number where the playful synths drive the track forward while the heavy kick and jackin' hi-hats provide the rhythmic momentum.

Last but most definitely not least is a remix from the prolific Matt Edwards aka Radio Slave. Edwards is unlikely to need much of an introduction to most as he's been churning out all manner of anthemic delights with alarming regularity for some time now. His Deepest Space Remix of 8 Bit Romance sees him move into somewhat darker territory with a heavily padded kick that's bound to sound immense on a big system. The kick forms the backbone of the track for its 19 minute (!!!) duration as the synths from the original version along with a variety of atmospheric effects are brought in and out of the mix to keep things interesting. While a track of such mammoth duration really shouldn't be necessary and given that the variety of sounds on offer is only fairly modest you'd expect to find yourself waiting for the end to come but as with the likes of Villalobos' greatest productions the track has been carefully crafted to keep you captivated from start to finish.

Florian Meindl - 8 Bit Romance Promo Mix

8 Bit Romance isn't due a full vinyl release until 24th November but is available digitally via Beatport now.

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