Sunday, December 31, 2006


With just a few hours to go until we wish a fond farewell to 2006, here's my pick of what was hot this year. I've opted to avoid including re-releases and tunes that rocked this summer's parties (both Rej and Carl Craig's mix of Falling Up would have made the top 10 easily) and I've also opted to avoid the gargantuan effort of putting samples and links to each track as Mr Lange so painstakingly did. Juno or other good stockists should be able to sort you out with most of these and hunting for the harder to find ones is part of the fun anyway. I've also failed to post any actual mp3s as Langer was rather generous in this respect too and I've got to go and iron my bellbottoms and prepare some canapes.

So here are the lists I'm sure you've all been on the edge of your seats to see and here's hoping 2007 is another corker for electronic output!

RAW's Top 40 Singles of 2006

1. Hot Chip – Boy From School (Erol Alkan’s Extended Rework) // EMI
2. Audion – Mouth To Mouth // Spectral Sound
3. Alex Under – Untitled (Multiplicanciones 2) // Apnea
4. Rhythm & Sound – Dem Never Know (Sleeparchive Remix) // Burial Mix
5. Metope - Second Skin ([T]ekel remix) // Sender
6. Loco Dice – Harissa // Cadenza
7. Black Strobe - Nazi Trance F*ck off (Holden remix) // Crosstown Rebels
8. Petter – Some Polyphony // Border Community
9. Martin Buttrich – Full Clip // Planet E
10. Uffie – Pop the Glock // Ed Banger
11. Bug & Tanzmann – Schick n Schock // Poker Flat
12. Spank Rock – Bump (Switch Remix) // Big Dada
13. My Robot Friend – Dial Zero (Modeselektor Remix) // Soma
14. Hot Chip – Over And Over // EMI
15. Claude Von Stroke – Beware of the Bird (Justin Martin Remix) // Dirty Bird
16. Apparat – Montreal // Shitkatapult
17. Marc Houle – Bay of Figs // Minus
18. Troy Pierce - 25 Bitches (Gaiser’s too many bitches makeover) // Minus
19. Boards of Canada – Trans Canada Highway EP // Warp
20. Smash TV – Yellow Asteroids // Bpitch Control
21. Justus Koehncke / Nerk/Dirk Leyers - Speicher 43 // Speicher
22. Extrawelt – Doch Doch // Traum
23. Bodzin vs. Romboy – Telesto / Hydra // Systematic
24.Loco Dice – Seeing Through Shadows // Minus
25. Claude Von Stroke – The Whistler/Who’s Afraid Of Detroit? // Dirty Bird
26. The Knife – Like A Pen (Stephan Bodzin Mix) // Brille
27. Rekorder – Rekorder 7.1 // Rekorder
28. Eyerer & Chopstick – Electric (Williams remix) // Great Stuff Recordings
29. Minilogue – The Girl From Bottany Bay // Wir
30. Lusine – Emerald EP // Ghostly International
31. Tiga – Move My Body // PIAS
32. Alex Metric – Holding // Fourtwenty
33. Depeche Mode - Darkest Star (Holden dub) // Mute
34. Rhythm & Sound – Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix) // Burial Mix
35. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Revelee (Carl Craig Remix) // DFA
36. Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Technasia Remix) // Third ear / Synchrophone
37. Magic Daddy / The Truffle Club – The Insert Title Here EP // Stuff Records
38. Booka Shade – In White Rooms // Get Physical
39. Villalobos - Fizheuer Zieheuer // Playhouse
40. Radio Slave - My Bleep //Rekids

RAW's Top 10 Albums of 2006

1. Hot Chip – The Warning // EMI
2. Alex Smoke – Paradolia // Soma
3. Burial – Burial // Hyperdub
4. Ellen Allien & Apparat – Orchestra of Bubbles // Bpitch Control
5. Marc Houle – Bay of Figs // Minus
6. Underground Resistance – Interstellar Fugitives 2 Destruction of Order // Underground Resistance
7. Anthony Rother – Super Space Model // Datapunk
8. Holden – The Idiots Are Winning // Border Community
9. Trentemoller – The Last Resort // Poker Flat
10. Various – The World is Gone // XL

Saturday, December 30, 2006

TOTP 2006

2006 sounded the death knell for the British institution that was 'Top of the Pops'. In recognition of this momentous occasion and in tribute to the show that lasted 42 years (count em) the ill-ec-tro-nic is paying tribute by publishing its very own Top 40. (This is mine, RAW and Bauer's to follow hopefully) The show first aired on January 1 1964 and the first act were The Rolling Stones, introduced by Sir Jimmy Saville (pictured). Incidentally Jimmy Saville was the first ever DJ to use two turntables and a microphone way back in 1946! so that he could provide an uninterupted mix of music.

Langer’s Top of the Pops Top 40 of 2006

1. Cobblestone Jazz – Dump Truck // Wagon Repair Sample Buy
2. Audion – Mouth To Mouth // Spectral Sound Sample Buy
3. Hot Chip – Boy From School (Erol Alkan’s Extended Rework) // EMI Sample Buy
4. Gabriel Ananda – Dopplewhipper (Live) - Miracel Whop EP // Platzhirsh Buy
5. Ellen Allien & Apparat – Jet (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix) // Bpitch Control Buy
6. Depeche Mode – The Sinner In Me (Villalobos Conclave Remix) // Mute Promo Buy
7. Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix) // Third Ear (Re-Released 2006) Sample Buy
8. Martin Buttrich – Full Clip // Planet E Sample Buy
9. Ame – Rej // Innervisions (Re-Released 2006) Sample Buy
10. Booka Shade – In White Rooms // Get Physical Sample Buy
11. Franz Ferdinand – The Fallen (Ruined By Justice Mix) // Domino Sample Buy
12. Justice – Waters Of Nazareth (Erol Alkan’s Durr Durr Durrrrr Edit) // Ed Banger Sample Buy
13. Claude Von Stroke – The Whistler/Who’s Afraid Of Detroit? // Dirty Bird Sample Buy
14. Hot Chip – Over And Over // EMI Sample Buy
15. The Knife – Like A Pen (Club Mix) // Brille Sample Buy
16. The Knife – Silent Shout (Album Mix) // Brille Sample Buy
17. Loco Dice – Seeing Through Shadows // Minus Sample Buy
18. Bobby Peru – Erotic Discourse (Audiojack Remix) // 20:20 Vision Sample Beatport
19. Apparat – Berlin // Shitkatapult Sample Buy
20. Riton & Heidi – Vejer // Get Physical Buy
21. Digitalism – Jupiter Room (Erol Alkan Edit) // Kitsune
22. Klaxons – Magick (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) // Rinse Sample Buy
23. Klaxons – The Bouncer (South Central Bootleg) // White
24. Smash TV – Yellow Asteroids // Bpitch Control Sample Buy
25. Spank Rock – Bump (Switch Remix) // Big Dada Buy
26. Rekorder – Rekorder 7.1 // Rekorder 7 Buy
27. Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler // Kitsune Sample Buy
28. Young Folks – Peter, Bjorn & John // Witchita Sample Buy
29. Nathan Fake – Charlie’s House (Apparat Remix) // Border Community Sample Buy
30. Shit Robot – Wrong Galaxy // DFA Sample Buy
31. Alex Under – Untitled (Multiplicanciones 2) // Apnea Sample Buy
32. Audion – Like A Man // Spectral Sound Sample Buy
33. Hot Chip – No Fit State (Audion Remix) // EMI Promo Buy
34. My Robot Friend – Dial Zero (Modeselektor Remix) // Soma Sample Buy
35. Rhythm & Sound – Poor People Must Work // Burial Mix Sample Buy
36. Minilogue – The Girl From Botany Bay // Wir Sample Beatport
37. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Relevee (Carl Craig Remix) // DFA Sample Buy
38. Cio D’or – Lichtblick // Karmarouge Sample Beatport
39. Lazy Fat People – Shinjuku // Wagon Repair Sample Buy
40. Gabriel Ananda – Ihre Personliche Glucksmelodie (Dominik Eulberg remix) // Karmarouge Sample Buy

Top Albums of 2006

1. Hot Chip – The Warning // EMI Listen
2. Ellen Allien & Apparat – Orchestra of Bubbles // Bpitch Control Listen
3. Thom Yorke – The Eraser // XL Recordings Listen
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Show Your Bones // Polydor Buy
5. The Knife – Silent Shout // Brille Listen
6. Holden – The Idiots Are Winning // Border Community Listen
7. Booka Shade – Movements // Get Physical Listen
8. Trentmoller – The Last Resort // Poker Flat Listen
9. Fujiya & Miyagi - Transparent Things // Tirk Listen
10. Beck – The Information // Interscope Listen

Friday, December 22, 2006

Bring On The Heartburn

Well folks it's nearly upon us and I'm gonna have to keep this brief as I've got presents to wrap and then get ready for a few festive bevvies with the boys.

I thought I'd give you a couple of alternative Christmas tunes you can play to your parents on Christmas day after you've been subjected to 'Now Christmas' for the 15th time.

Neither of these are new and both are a bit obvious but what the hell...

Firstly we have an ill-ec-tro-nic favourite, Nathan Fake with his electronica version of Silent Night and then it's over to the Ronettes for Frosty the Snowman taken from what I'm sure you already know is regarded to be the best Christmas album ever written.

So, enjoy the tunes and have yourselves a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Nathan Fake - Silent Night

The Ronettes - Frosty the Snowman

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Was There For The First Canned Snow In Cologne

I was the first guy to play Bing Crosby to the Rock Kids.


This is a cheaky bootleg taking 'Losing My Edge' by LCD Soundsystem adding sleigh bells and transforming it into the funniest Christmas song you'll ever hear.

TBC Poundsystem - I'm Losing My Sledge

Have a Cool Yule everyone. Snow is what you really want, Snow is what you really want.....

Originally posted last year by Said The Gramophone

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hot Shit

Yes! I've been waiting to get my grubby little hands on this for the best part of 6 weeks. This was described in one succinct word by Loco Dice, "Brilliant", when he put it at number 1 in his top ten for Mixmag last month. Pairing up the producers of the year's best album 'The Warning' and one of the 12" singles of the year, 'Mouth to Mouth' things were always going to be interesting.

Audion's mix of No Fit State by Hot Chip is a minimal killer. It really needs to be heard in full to appreciate it's subtleties. Starting of slow and ploddy with bubbling synth lines you think that it could carry on without really going anywhere until the 4 minute mark when the mother of all synth stabs comes in to send you into dancefloor ecstasy, then just as soon it is gone again making you yearn for more. It builds so much tension that you think you may explode if you don't hear it again. Thankfully Matthew Dear is a master of creating these dynamics and your patience is duly rewarded. Indeed Brilliant.

Hot Chip - No Fit State (Audion Remix)
EMI Promo 12"

You can buy promo copies of this release on lovely white vinyl at Phonica

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dare You Dance?

Today's selection is somewhat of a mixed bag although after struggling to think of a title it struck me that all of the tracks here share a common theme in that none of them would be particularly easy to dance to in your local discotheque.

Given my lack of posts in recent weeks you may be forgiven in thinking that I've knocked this blogging lark on the head but an initial absence due to being on holiday was simply extended with laziness. Being largely without decent music for my merry jaunt I was impressed to come back and see that the boys over at Ohmygosh had posted some new versions of DJ Hell's mid 90's rave classic Sprung Aus dem Wolken (a track I'd been meaning to post for some time). However, I couldn't help being a little disappointed with the new versions given that they seemed to have failed to use the killer synth that was the undoubted highlight of the original. Admittedly, the track lacks a little something musically and only the most crazed DJ / clubber combination would be down with this in modern days (although I did hear Squarepusher play it a couple of years ago!). Anyway, check it out for yourself.

DJ Hell - Sprung Aus Den Wolken

So, after that little workout, I figured you'd want something a little more chilled. This is right at the other end of the aerobics spectrum so just lie back on the sofa and check out Finnish producer Mika Vainio's take on Björk's Headphones. I'm not quite sure where I got this track from but it's definitely one I like checking out when I'm after something chilled - a true thing of musical beauty. Mika Vaino, AKA Ø, established his reputation during the mid 90s minimal scene and unsurprisingly a number of his previous works were re-released this year. You can buy his stuff at all the usual places incuding Juno.

Björk - Headphones (Mika Vainio Remix)

Lastly, I thought I'd have a go at inserting one of those new fangled YouTube things. It also takes us full circle to the start of the post by giving you another middle age German with a penchant for dodgy hairstyles. I'm sure neither Sven Väth nor Miss Kittin need any introduction to most of you so here's their modern electronic take on Serge Gainsbourgh's classic.

Now I'm sure this has to be tongue in cheek and it certainly made me smile. Watching the punters bust some moves to this one would be entertaining indeed.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dirrty Edits

Even though this is primarily an electronic blog, I like to throw in the odd curveball here and there and diversify from the path most travelled. Life would be pretty dull if we listened to minimal Techno 24/7. I got sent these fantastic re-edits from Dirty Recordings in France and they have been on heavy rotation on my stereo for the last couple of weeks. They take obscure classics from all different genres and give them to Mr Pilooski to re-edit for the dancefloor. They are then released as very limited (1000 copies) white label 12"s.

First up is Frankie Valli, with some classic R&B/Soul which has a brooding Wu- Tang like breakbeat intro which then builds into a classic Northern Soul groove.

Edwin Starr has been given a slow electro-disco rework, with his vocal layered over some throbbing synth action.

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - Beggin' (Pilooski Edit) Dark and Lovely Vol 4

Edwin Starr - Get Up (Pilooski Edit) Dark and Lovely Vol 2

'Nobody But Me' by The Human Beinz is pure Garage Rock 'n' Roll ecstasy from the late 60's and has me jumping around to the metronomic Krautrock beat which really drives it on the dancefloor. Speaking of metronomic beats the last cut is from the masters of the Krautrock sound, Can. My knowledge of said genre is limited to say the least, but the elements that I have been exposed to have certainly inspired me to seek out more of this sound.

The Human Beinz - Nobody But Me (Pilooski Edit) Dark and Lovely Vol 3

Can - Mothersky (Pilooski Edit) Dark and Lovely Vol 2

Dark and Lovely Volume 3 is still available at Phonica. Dark and Lovely Vol 4 will be released shortly. Other gems from these releases are a slo-mo electronic disco versions of 'i-Robot' by The Alan Parsons Project and 'Was Dog a Doughnut' by Cat Stevens. You can listen to the other tracks from these releases here.

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