Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Been A While...

...but I've finally got round to finishing some new tracks.

As with the majority of my previous efforts, both cuts fit under the broad categorisation that is techno but they are both fairly different from one another.

Third Day is pretty much a dancefloor banger whereas Sith Lullaby is one of those strange beasts that plods along in a mellow kind of way before changing tone and getting a little dirtier. Anyway, that should be sufficient to give you a taster of what each has in store so I'll avoid further descriptive dissection and just leave you with the music.

Nanorhythm - Third Day //unreleased
Nanorhythm - Sith Lullaby //unreleased

The tracks are also available via the Soliton Research website and any constructive criticism that anyone cares to make will be greatly received.

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Beautifully produced and layers. Nice techno / minimal / Dubstep influences. To my taste. I'm going to add to my blog.
very nice compliment - thanks :-)

what's the blog URL?
third day is a real hot track. thanx (:
We've added these tracks to our blog over at

good stuff.
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