Friday, October 26, 2007

Prince Lawrence

It struck me as strange that Pantha Du Prince's 'The Bliss' came out right at the start of this year yet it was only brought to my attention by a friend a couple of weeks ago and then a few days later Resident Advisor decided to review it. Anyhow, that will be of little consequence to most of you and I suspect guess you'll either already be well-versed with it's subtle percussion and playful, almost childlike, melodies or you'll enjoy the experience of hearing them afresh. It's one of those albums that makes delightful home listening and would also work well in a bar or on more discerning dancefloors - perhaps not so much at peak time but certainly as things mellowed off towards the end of the night leaving the crowd to shuffle along nicely in a haze of contentment.

Pantha Du Prince - Asha // Dial

The Bliss came out on Dial records, a label that's been a around a good few years now and I've been a fan of one of its co-founder's, Lawrence, for quite a while. As well as his Lawrence guise, he records under his own name as well as that of Sten and his releases are always of high quality and well worth checking out.

Lawrence - Swap // Ladomat2000 / NovaMute
Egoexpress - Aranda (Lawrence Remix) // Ladomat2000

You can fill your shopping trollies up with Dial and Lawrence goodies at all the usual places including here.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

This Is It

It is nearly here. One of the most anticipated follow-up albums of the year. I've heard a sneaky promo copy of the album and I can tell you, you will not be disappointed. The sound of "Untrue" follows on closely from Burial's debut with it's unmistakable urban paranoia soundscapes and scattershot broken beats. Early single "Ghost Hardware" gave us a tantalising glimpse of what was yet to come, utilising a sample of Christina Aguilera to amazing effect (never thought she sounded so good). This is a common theme among the new songs. There are a lot more vocal samples scattered through all the tracks. Tracks such as "Archangel" have a 2-step Garage feel, with fast beats interspersed with chopped vocals to create a urban hymn to the power of lost love. "Near Dark's" eerie voices sound like they have been put through an echo chamber in a deep-sea submarine. Elsewhere there are straight up ambient soundscapes on tracks "In McDonalds" and "Dog Shelter". However the all pervading sense of creeping darkness is still there throughout the album.

One minor criticism is that after a few listens the tracks do tend to show their similarities with each other. The beat patterns sound remarkably similar through most of the tracks. However just when you think that he has no more new drum patterns in his arsenal out comes the schaffel beat of the final track "Raver" to take you by surprise. Altogether "Untrue" is another seismic progression in the Dubstep sound.

I'm going to share a couple of gems from the album. These tracks are at 128kbps and have a lovely computer voice just to let you know that "This is Hyperdub Promo". I will not post any more from the album. Go out and buy it!

Burial - Near Dark // Hyperdub

Burial - Etched Headplate // Hyperdub EDIT: REMOVED BY REQUEST

Full Track list:

1. Untitled
2. Archangel
3. Near Dark
4. Ghost Hardware
5. Endorphin
6. Etched Headplate
7. In McDonalds
8. Untrue
9. Shell Of Light
10. Dog Shelter
11. Homeless
12. UK
13. Raver

Untrue is released 5th November. Buy it at Boomkat and all good record stores.

Burial Myspace
Read an exclusive interview with Burial over at FACT magazine

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hello Kitty

Kitty-Yo records sent me a whole host of quality material straight outa Berlin.

Monosylabikk is the moniker of Filip Kaniecki, a Polish artist who produces abstract Hip Hop with samples from Polish Jazz records. 'Rocks', his new album is a continuation of this cut-up sound with instrumental tracks fusing filmic soundscapes, snatched vocal samples and chopped beats plus vocal tunes with collaborators Bee and MC Coherent Motion.

The whole album reminds me of 'Private Press' era DJ Shadow. Fans of Shadow and The Avalanches should definitely check this. Highly Recommended.

Monosylabikk - Et // Kitty-Yo

Monosylabikk - It'd End Up On Ladbroke Grove // Kitty-Yo

Rocks is released on the 16th November

'Particles' is the new album from Jens Doring aka E:gum , Jerry Lusion and Hp.stonji. His discography includes releases for labels such as Digital, Skam, Klein and Phantomnoise among others. However it is under the name E.stonji that this electronic solo project is released.

The tracks contained within combine breakbeats with idm structures and ambient grooves to create beguiling abstract Electronica.

E.stonji - Neutr // Kitty-Yo

E.stonji - Stckinhir // Kitty-Yo

E.stonji Myspace

Particles is out now. Buy at Beatport

Finally some more straight-up dancefloor material from Electro Houser, Plastique De Reve. The Jeux Sans Frontieres EP contains 5 tracks ranging from the Baile Funk bounce of 'Favela Norte' through to the 303 soaked Acid House of 'What's on Your Mind?' and the 2-step / Dubstep riddims of 'Allright'. Quality.

Plastique De Reve - Favela Norte // Kitty-Cuts

Plastique De Reve - Allright (Dub) // Kitty-Cuts

Jeux Sans Frontieres is out now. Buy at Juno Download

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