Monday, July 31, 2006

Handle With Care, It's Fragile

Recently The Orbituary, an unofficial haven for old members of the Orbit Club in Morley, Leeds (The greatest ever Techno club) did a pole of the greatest ever Acid Records, suprisingly 'Lost in the Silver Box' by Hardfloor won, certainly not the greatest Acid record in my opinion. However Dilated Choonz posted the Plastikman remix of 'Alpha Wave' by System 7 which I think is far superior. This got me thinking of other great records to utilise the 303. I was going through the crates when out popped this gem of a record. Acid Eiffel by Choice was the work of Laurent Garnier and Shazz and was mixed by one Ludovic Navarre aka St. Germain it was licensed by Fragile Records, an offshoot of the legendary Transmat set up by Derrick May and was originally released back in 1993 by the French label FNAC

This is a beautifuly subtle record, with warm melancholic synths and a pulsing Acid line which which complements the other elements perfectly, never becoming overbearing. It sounds like a pure Detroit Techno record, even if it was made in France. Classic.

Choice - Acid Eiffel Fragile Records 12" 1993

Continuing on the Fragile Records theme, here is another classic from Aril Brikha 'Art of Vengence' came out in 1998 followed by his album 'Deepature in Time' in 2000. Borrowing from the classic Basic Channel metalic funk sound, this is another piece of timeless beauty, but with a real kick which drives it on the dancefloor.

Aril Brikha - Groove La' Chord Art of Vengence EP Fragile Records 12" 1998

Friday, July 28, 2006

Garden Grooves

Given the UK's prolonged heatwave and my time spent basking in the sun is at least partly responsible for me not having done a post for a while I thought I should share some of what I’ve been listening to with you.

Due to the largely techno-based nature of my previous posts, this first track may come as somewhat of a surprise to you given that it loosely comes under the category of ‘world music’. I first came across after enquiring of a DJ in one of my local bars “what’s this mate?” and then later chancing upon a couple of albums at a car boot sale. The track below is definitely my favourite of his but the Clandestino album in particular is well worth a listen on a hot summer’s day.

Manu Chao – Bongo Bong

The next track is one from my usual bag but again taken from an album I found to be equally suited to lounging around in the heat. Despite this coming out a few years back I only actually heard this album in its entirety a few days ago after having picked it up at rock bottom price from one of London’s finest 2nd hand emporiums The album in question is My Way by Akufen, one of the innovators of microsampling and a heavyweight of the glitch scene. You can check out a review of it here

Akufen - Even White Horizons and as you should know by now, I usually like to leave a link to where you can buy the stuff I post but this seems to be out of stock in my usual stores so I suggest you keep your eyes peeled!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies...

My girlfriend recently asked me how come there are no tracks by women on your blog? To which I pointed out that my second ever post was by Ellen Allien. However since then there has been a distinct lack of electronic music made by female artists posted on this blog. It certainly hasn’t been a conscious decision on my part.

One reason that could be argued, is that there just aren’t that many female producers involved in the electronic/techno scene. Which of course even in the male dominated world of Techno is simply not true.

Traditionally in House, Techno and Electro, girls have been sidelined to the status of vocal contributions, such as the wailing diva on a million House records to the husky seductive hushed tones heard in Techno and Electro-Pop.

Girls have always ruled the roost when it comes to Indie Rock and Pop, and although they have been involved in the scene from its beginnings, there are now many more women taking centre stage in DJing and production of electronic music.

Miss Kittin, Ellen Allien, Bjork, Chicks on Speed, Andrea Parker, Kelly Hand (K Hand), Miss Djax, Gayle San, Magda, Cio D’or, Anja Schnieder, Uffie, are just some of the established artists producing electronic music that is at the top of their chosen genres.

The last thing I want to be accused of is a token gesture towards female artists with just one post about their music. In my opinion, if you make good music it doesn’t matter what gender you are. Look out in future posts for the above artists.

Ellen Allien – Just A Woman Spectral Sound 12” 2006

Buy Her Releases at Juno

This is from a split 12” on Spectral Sound with Audion. The title of his track is naturally ‘Just a Man’. Each artist has then remixed each others production. Ellen, with collaborator Apparat has produced my favourite electronic album of the year so far with ‘Orchestra of Bubbles’. This is another slice of deep techno in her now trademark style, with building synth lines and minimal intricate beats.

Check her website and

Cio D’or – Lichtblick Karmarouge 12” 2006

After only 3 releases for Triebstoff and Karmarouge, plus 2 tracks appearing on compilations, Cio D’or is a name that is on the accendency in Techno circles. ‘Lichtblick’ is shaping up to be one of my favourite records of the year and her collaboration with Gabriel Ananda on ‘Lauschgoldengel’ has put her firmly on the map.

Buy her releases at Beatport and check her website

Anja Schneider – Lily of the Valley (Original Mix) Mobilee 12” 2006

Anja Schneider was first brought to the attention of these ears by seeing her on the Electronic Beats ‘Slices’ DVD. She has had releases on PIAS Germany and Mobilee Records. Again someone to look out for in the future.

Buy her releases at Beatport

Check the Mobilee website for more info

Magda – Live at Technique, Leeds UK, Part 1

Magda – Live at Technique, Leeds UK. Part 2

Starting out as a DJ, Magda has now hooked up with Richie Hawtin’s M_nus imprint has released the ‘Stop’ 12” and has tracks featured on Minimize to Maximize and the new Min2Max compilation, as well as having remixed Anja Schneider.

These mixes are taken from the club night Technique based in Leeds in England.
Check out their website for loads of other quality mixes including Anthony Rother, Adam Friedland & Evil 9 and a great subtle Techno mix by Margaret Dygas.

Margraret Dygas – Underline Mix at Techique, Leeds UK

If anyone has any other recomendations that I must hear, or if you are a female producer yourself feel free to get in touch at

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Can See The Light... A Glimmer

Exclusive New Mixes Part 1

A very quick post this evening as it is far too hot to be stuck in front of a computer all day at work and then come home to do yet more blogging.

This will be the first in a series of exclusive mixes from a variety of top artists and DJs that have come together for Bacardi B Live Radio. But instead of having to stream it via the B Live website you can download it here for keeps.
The first mix is from The Glimmers, formally the Glimmer Twins (Hmm, I can see why they changed their name) and is mash-up of everything they do best combining death disco grooves with a Punk Funk edge and a bit of Acid House thrown in for good measure. If you are a fan of Soulwax in their 2manydjs guise and Optimo then check this.

The Glimmers - B Live Mix 54mins

Genres: [House] [Synth Pop] [Disco] [Electro] [Mixes]

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lists Lists Lists

Everyone loves lists, Hell, where would the culture of the DJ be without Top Ten’s?
This format has been taken to its zenith by Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists
Described by Chris Rock as “The best book I've ever read--and I can't read!”

So in homage we have compiled our favourite records of 2006. (Er it’s only July.)

The Langer’s Tunes of 2006 (so far)

Justice - Waters of Nazareth
Shit Robot - Wrong Galaxy
Âme – Rej (Yes I know it came out last year, but it’s breaking this year and will be massive in Ibiza.)
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
Claude Von Stroke - The Whistler
Theo Parrish - falling up (Carl Craig mix) (Came out last year on a limited pressing, but see above)
Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Ruined by Justice Mix)
Nathan Fake - Charlie's House (Apparat mix)
Gabriel Ananda - Ihre Personliche Glucksmelodie (Dominik Eulberg remix)
Hot Chip - Boy from School (Erol Alkan Mix)

Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler Kitsune 12”

Buy their releases from Phonica


Ellen Allien and Apparat - Orchestra of Bubbles
Booka Shade – Movements
Fujiya & Miyagi - Transparent Things
Hot Chip – The Warning
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show your bones

Booka Shade – Pong Pang From Movements Get Physical LP

Buy their releases from Phonica

RAW’s Tunes of 2006 (so far)

Depeche Mode - Darkest Star (Holden dub)
Black Strobe - Nazi Trance F*ck off (Holden remix)
Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit
Theo Parish - Falling Up (Carl Craig remix)
Âme - Rej
Bug & Tanzmann - Schick
Rhythm & Sound – Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig remix)
Metope - Second Skin (Tekel remix)
Radio Slave - My Bleep
Magic Daddy – Wanderdog
Tiga – Move My Body
Troy Pierce - 25 Bitches (Gaiser’s too many bitches makeover)
Apparat – Montreal
Eyerer & Chopstick – Electric (Williams remix)

Cursor Miner - Danceflaw
Alex Smoke - Paradolia
Hot Chip – The Warning
Spank Rock – yoyoyoyoyoyo
Ellen allien & Apparat - Orchestra of Bubbles

Bauer’s Tunes of 2006 (so far)

Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig Mix)
Elektochemie - You're My Kind
Fujiya + Miyagi - Collarbone
Tom Pooks - Docker
Minilogue - The Girl From Botany Bay
Alter Ego - Exit 23 (Alter Ego dub)
Dan Berkson, James What - The Dig

Dabrye - Instrmntl
Julien Neto - Le Funeur De Ciel

Remixer of the year? There can be only one. Carl Craig has demolished the opposition this year with ‘Falling Up’ ‘Revelee’ and his mix of Rhythm & Sound’s ‘Poor People Must Work’

Tune of the year?

Something all three of us agree on (very rare, something must be wrong)

Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig Mix) Third Ear Recordings 10”

Buy it at Juno

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Masters of Minimal

Ok, so my plan of following the world cup’s progression with a series of german-related posts hasn’t exactly kept on track being as this as only the second one and the final is on Sunday! Never mind, I guess I’ll just post the tracks up over the coming weeks nonetheless as I’m sure the music is what you’re interested in rather than the tedious commentary anyway.

Noting comments from the Langer’s Sonar post and some of the feedback he’s had, it seems some questions are starting to be asked around the current ubiquity of minimal or more specifically the monotomy of the sound. Whilst I tend to sympathise with these sentiments in so far as a sparce percussion-based loop repeated umpteen times over 11 minutes does not generally a great record make, there is still some absolute quality music being pumped out of this scene at the present time.

So for today’s post, I’m giving you live sets from two of Germany’s finest ambassadors of the stripped down audiophile techno sound. Both artists have been getting lots of press in recent months so as usual I’ll avoid warbling on endlessly about a bunch of stuff you’ve probably read elsewhere already.

Sleeparchive – Live - Vienna

The first set is by sleeparchive, a relative newcomer to the scene with a handful of his releases dating back to 2004 on his own label and various remixes on mainly German-based labels including the his superb ‘interpretation’ of monolake’s plumbicon. Which also brings me nicely onto the second post…

Monolake – Live - Melbourne

Monolake is probably a name that many of you are also already familiar with as they’ve been knocking out quality tunes for the last 10 years including releases on the seminal chain reaction label. The Monolake lineup has however changed over the years with one of the original members leaving then it becoming a solo project for a while then going back to a duo for last year’s superb polygon cities, one of my favourite albums of 2005. The track above is actually linked directly from Monolake’s website,, which is well worth a visit not least as there’s a couple of other freebies there too. Monolake’s mainstay has been Robert Henke, one of the technical gurus associated with Ableton Live, a key production / DJ tool of recent times and the program responsible for making numerous layered sample compilations possible in recent years including two absolute corkers of particular relevance to this post Scion’s ‘arrange & process…’ and Hawtin’s ingenious DE:9 series.

Right, that's more than enough writing for today so I'll just leave you with a little reminder to support the artists and buy some of their stuff.

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