Saturday, October 18, 2008

Temperature Control

Having recently been away and taking a break from the blogosphere, this post is badly overdue. I got sent this debut album '40 Below' by L'ascenseur aka Peter Grant from Switzerland. It is a fine collection of abstract electronics, broken beats, dark vocal pop and deep echoey Dubstep influences.

'Tasty' will appeal to fans of French electro pop artist Colder, with its metronomic beats and spoken word vocal styles. 'Alea' is very nice Dubstep influenced instrumental track (as played by Mary Anne Hobbs) which takes its cues from Shackleton's work. Overall the album is a dark brooding set of abstract electronica that deserves to heard by the greater electronic community out there.

This album is only available direct from the artist himself so if you want to hear more, check out his myspace and send an email to gimmeth AT

L'ascenseur - Tasty

L'ascenseur - Alea

Another great release that got sent through to ill-ec-tro-nic towers is the new album by Croatian Techno producer Petar Dundov. Dundov has been releasing electronic music since 2000 and has had his ambient productions released on Jeff Mills' Tomorrow label no less. He joined Music Man records in 2002 and since has had a string of releases culminating in 'Escapements' which brings together the two singles 'Oasis' and 'Waterfall', plus new material. 'Oasis' is the particular standout track for me as it manages to be be both minimal and building, yet retain a subtle melody at its heart which transends the track to greatness. The other single 'Waterfall' is a Detroit Techno track in the classic sense with soaring strings and synth lines which really make it fly.

Petar Dundov - Oasis // Music Man

Escapements is out now and can be bought from Juno

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