Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Calling Time

As mentioned in my last post, changes are afoot at the ill-ec-tro-nic and the news is that Langer and I have decided to close the blog down.

Over the four and a bit years we’ve been running the site, we’ve enjoyed ourselves immensely and while we never really had a goal for the blog, its primary aim in providing us with a vehicle with which we could share our music tastes with a wider audience has been well and truly met and in fact had we been pushed to baseline our expectations at the start we would certainly have exceeded them as we never expected to achieve the hit rates we did or be sent so much great music (we also got sent an unbelievably large pile of dross too though!).

The most frequent comment we’ve received has been a 'thank you' for unveiling a new artist, track or label to someone and we can honestly say we’ve had great pleasure in helping to expose people to the music that we’re so passionate about. We’ve never seen ourselves as anything special for writing about and posting such music and in essence, the blog has only ever been an extension of the enthusiasm we show each other and our circle of friends when we find something exciting and new and share it with them.

So, given that electronic music is very much alive and well, why the decision to close the blog down? No single reason really, although running out of relevant and interesting things to say, a general lack of time and the fact that doing posts with any kind of worthwhile regularity became almost like a chore that felt like it needed to be done rather than something that we looked forward to like at the start - clearly not a good situation for bloggers to be in!

From a personal perspective, I also want to focus on producing music under my Nanorhythm guise as the blog has undoubtedly resulted in a reduction in my studio time over the years. Despite being given offers of releases on two occasions, both offers have failed to materialise thus far, although at the time of writing, there’s also possibility that some of my music may finally get a release as part of the forthcoming Broken20 schedule (a new label headed up by TVO so no doubt an interesting project to keep an eye on regardless). However, given my previous experiences with anticipated releases and the fact that it’s very early days for the label, I’m trying not to raise my expectations too high and will believe my release cherry has been popped if / when it finally happens.

Anyhow, enough of my ramblings, other than to say it’s definitely been a blast and to give a big shout out to all the artists that inspired us to write about them, the kind folks that have sent (decent) music our way plus of course the people who have bothered to read our pages over the years.

As I write this, I'm not sure whether it will be the very final post for the site or not. Langer has suggested he may write a few words at some stage or it may be that we use the site to let you know of any parties or other relevant musical adventures we’re involved with so maybe pop back every now and then for a quick check.

So before I go, it seems appropriate to leave you with just "one more tune!" - one of my all time favourite records and something that seems fitting for the occasion.

Underground Resistance - Journey of the Dragons // Underground Resistance

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