Sunday, March 04, 2007

Paranormal Activity

There is currently lots of activity over at Ghostly International and Spectral Sound. I got sent the brand new remix album from Lusine (AKA Jeff Mcllwain). Entitled Podgelism (Tracks taken from his debut album Serial Hodgepodge) it is a stunning collection of glitchy rhythms and intricate melodies remixed by himself plus other top-flight electronica producers including Apparat, John Tejada, Lawrence and Matthew Dear.

My favourites from the album include scatter-shot rhythms and warm tones of Flat (Lusine Remix) and Falling In (Lusine Remix). Matthew Dear steels the show however with his pure liquid electronics interpretation of Flat For You. Masterful.
Unfortunately I'm only allowed to give you one treat from this album but you can listen to the rest of this superb collection here.

Lusine - Still Life (Lusine Remix) // Podgelism LP - Ghostly International

Next up are some brand new remixes of one off the biggest tunes of last year. Audion's Mouth To Mouth was a track of atomic bomb proportions, destroying every dancefloor within a 50 mile radius. It's no surprise then to learn that is has got the remix treatment from both Heartthrob and Konrad Black. Trying to better the energy of the original would be impossible so both producers have opted to strip the track right back to it's minimal foundations leaving it's bassline and adding snippets of the original synths which gave it such a distinct sound.

We can't give you the full versions but my boy RAW has done a special little edit for your listening pleasure. You can however listen to the other mixes here.

Audion - Mouth to Mouth (Whorenando's "Couch to Couch" mix by Konrad Black) EDIT // Spectral Sound 12"

You can buy both these releases at Beaport and Juno from March 20th

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