Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dare You Dance?

Today's selection is somewhat of a mixed bag although after struggling to think of a title it struck me that all of the tracks here share a common theme in that none of them would be particularly easy to dance to in your local discotheque.

Given my lack of posts in recent weeks you may be forgiven in thinking that I've knocked this blogging lark on the head but an initial absence due to being on holiday was simply extended with laziness. Being largely without decent music for my merry jaunt I was impressed to come back and see that the boys over at Ohmygosh had posted some new versions of DJ Hell's mid 90's rave classic Sprung Aus dem Wolken (a track I'd been meaning to post for some time). However, I couldn't help being a little disappointed with the new versions given that they seemed to have failed to use the killer synth that was the undoubted highlight of the original. Admittedly, the track lacks a little something musically and only the most crazed DJ / clubber combination would be down with this in modern days (although I did hear Squarepusher play it a couple of years ago!). Anyway, check it out for yourself.

DJ Hell - Sprung Aus Den Wolken

So, after that little workout, I figured you'd want something a little more chilled. This is right at the other end of the aerobics spectrum so just lie back on the sofa and check out Finnish producer Mika Vainio's take on Björk's Headphones. I'm not quite sure where I got this track from but it's definitely one I like checking out when I'm after something chilled - a true thing of musical beauty. Mika Vaino, AKA Ø, established his reputation during the mid 90s minimal scene and unsurprisingly a number of his previous works were re-released this year. You can buy his stuff at all the usual places incuding Juno.

Björk - Headphones (Mika Vainio Remix)

Lastly, I thought I'd have a go at inserting one of those new fangled YouTube things. It also takes us full circle to the start of the post by giving you another middle age German with a penchant for dodgy hairstyles. I'm sure neither Sven Väth nor Miss Kittin need any introduction to most of you so here's their modern electronic take on Serge Gainsbourgh's classic.

Now I'm sure this has to be tongue in cheek and it certainly made me smile. Watching the punters bust some moves to this one would be entertaining indeed.

The Ø remix of Headphones was on Telegram, the early remix album of Bjork tracks. Good album.
Cheers - will add it to my list of things to check out.
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