Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hot Shit

Yes! I've been waiting to get my grubby little hands on this for the best part of 6 weeks. This was described in one succinct word by Loco Dice, "Brilliant", when he put it at number 1 in his top ten for Mixmag last month. Pairing up the producers of the year's best album 'The Warning' and one of the 12" singles of the year, 'Mouth to Mouth' things were always going to be interesting.

Audion's mix of No Fit State by Hot Chip is a minimal killer. It really needs to be heard in full to appreciate it's subtleties. Starting of slow and ploddy with bubbling synth lines you think that it could carry on without really going anywhere until the 4 minute mark when the mother of all synth stabs comes in to send you into dancefloor ecstasy, then just as soon it is gone again making you yearn for more. It builds so much tension that you think you may explode if you don't hear it again. Thankfully Matthew Dear is a master of creating these dynamics and your patience is duly rewarded. Indeed Brilliant.

Hot Chip - No Fit State (Audion Remix)
EMI Promo 12"

You can buy promo copies of this release on lovely white vinyl at Phonica

keep this blog up guy:-)

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minimal, elektro house etc.
Amazing tune!
oooh should keep me going till i pick up the vinyl copy. thanks!
You got great taste dude. This Audion remix rips! :D
Right great taste
I like everything you post
incredible track... my speakers are still smoking

Dear's on fire these days.
That tunes is AWESOME
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