Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies...

My girlfriend recently asked me how come there are no tracks by women on your blog? To which I pointed out that my second ever post was by Ellen Allien. However since then there has been a distinct lack of electronic music made by female artists posted on this blog. It certainly hasn’t been a conscious decision on my part.

One reason that could be argued, is that there just aren’t that many female producers involved in the electronic/techno scene. Which of course even in the male dominated world of Techno is simply not true.

Traditionally in House, Techno and Electro, girls have been sidelined to the status of vocal contributions, such as the wailing diva on a million House records to the husky seductive hushed tones heard in Techno and Electro-Pop.

Girls have always ruled the roost when it comes to Indie Rock and Pop, and although they have been involved in the scene from its beginnings, there are now many more women taking centre stage in DJing and production of electronic music.

Miss Kittin, Ellen Allien, Bjork, Chicks on Speed, Andrea Parker, Kelly Hand (K Hand), Miss Djax, Gayle San, Magda, Cio D’or, Anja Schnieder, Uffie, are just some of the established artists producing electronic music that is at the top of their chosen genres.

The last thing I want to be accused of is a token gesture towards female artists with just one post about their music. In my opinion, if you make good music it doesn’t matter what gender you are. Look out in future posts for the above artists.

Ellen Allien – Just A Woman Spectral Sound 12” 2006

Buy Her Releases at Juno

This is from a split 12” on Spectral Sound with Audion. The title of his track is naturally ‘Just a Man’. Each artist has then remixed each others production. Ellen, with collaborator Apparat has produced my favourite electronic album of the year so far with ‘Orchestra of Bubbles’. This is another slice of deep techno in her now trademark style, with building synth lines and minimal intricate beats.

Check her website and

Cio D’or – Lichtblick Karmarouge 12” 2006

After only 3 releases for Triebstoff and Karmarouge, plus 2 tracks appearing on compilations, Cio D’or is a name that is on the accendency in Techno circles. ‘Lichtblick’ is shaping up to be one of my favourite records of the year and her collaboration with Gabriel Ananda on ‘Lauschgoldengel’ has put her firmly on the map.

Buy her releases at Beatport and check her website

Anja Schneider – Lily of the Valley (Original Mix) Mobilee 12” 2006

Anja Schneider was first brought to the attention of these ears by seeing her on the Electronic Beats ‘Slices’ DVD. She has had releases on PIAS Germany and Mobilee Records. Again someone to look out for in the future.

Buy her releases at Beatport

Check the Mobilee website for more info

Magda – Live at Technique, Leeds UK, Part 1

Magda – Live at Technique, Leeds UK. Part 2

Starting out as a DJ, Magda has now hooked up with Richie Hawtin’s M_nus imprint has released the ‘Stop’ 12” and has tracks featured on Minimize to Maximize and the new Min2Max compilation, as well as having remixed Anja Schneider.

These mixes are taken from the club night Technique based in Leeds in England.
Check out their website for loads of other quality mixes including Anthony Rother, Adam Friedland & Evil 9 and a great subtle Techno mix by Margaret Dygas.

Margraret Dygas – Underline Mix at Techique, Leeds UK

If anyone has any other recomendations that I must hear, or if you are a female producer yourself feel free to get in touch at

anybody interested in a bit more info on women in contemporary electronic music check my first post on theevanhood's new blog. This post "ladies,ladies,ladies" was of influnce to finally start posting formally.
Thanks for the link from your blog, glad I inspired something. Will look forward to more posts.
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