Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Can See The Light... A Glimmer

Exclusive New Mixes Part 1

A very quick post this evening as it is far too hot to be stuck in front of a computer all day at work and then come home to do yet more blogging.

This will be the first in a series of exclusive mixes from a variety of top artists and DJs that have come together for Bacardi B Live Radio. But instead of having to stream it via the B Live website you can download it here for keeps.
The first mix is from The Glimmers, formally the Glimmer Twins (Hmm, I can see why they changed their name) and is mash-up of everything they do best combining death disco grooves with a Punk Funk edge and a bit of Acid House thrown in for good measure. If you are a fan of Soulwax in their 2manydjs guise and Optimo then check this.

The Glimmers - B Live Mix 54mins

Genres: [House] [Synth Pop] [Disco] [Electro] [Mixes]

Any chance to post teh tracklist? :)

I don't have the track list available, Will try to find out.
The change their name because a problem with The Rolling Stones...they had registered The Glimmer Twins.
i'm searching for lindstrom contemporary

there is a posibility ?

bye from italy
Go to Our Disco/Music for Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Live plus DJing.

Plus lots of other goodies from Justice, Optimo, Headman etc.
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