Monday, November 19, 2007

Around The World. Alive 2007

I'm starting to regret not catching 'The Punk' this summer.

Listening to this just one word springs to mind.


Daft Punk - Live in Mexico City 31/10/2007

Buy Alive 2007 Recorded in Paris, June 2007

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i know there is huge amounts of love for the punk lot and i know that they produced some defining singles and i know visually they're fantastic.


they never made "an album" of consistent quality.

i dont think you, or i, missed too much. we were all at sonar....! far better!
I definitely concur on the Sonar experience but can only assume you're considering Homework to be largely a collection of singles as it must surely go down in history as a landmark release...I've never been a big fan of 'Around the World' though ;-)
i was at keyspan park when they played there, it was epic and an experience i will never forget... the remix set was incredible.
musically the chemical brothers will always be superior in my op.

live, i have never seen daft punk, everyone seems to have loved their shows, but there's a lot of filler in the stuf i have heard of the years.


their production is a beautiful thing mind x

they really should have headlined sonar...
I think this Mexico show is fantastic. It's got me dancing around my office like a loon!

They're *so* much better than the Chems.
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