Friday, October 26, 2007

Prince Lawrence

It struck me as strange that Pantha Du Prince's 'The Bliss' came out right at the start of this year yet it was only brought to my attention by a friend a couple of weeks ago and then a few days later Resident Advisor decided to review it. Anyhow, that will be of little consequence to most of you and I suspect guess you'll either already be well-versed with it's subtle percussion and playful, almost childlike, melodies or you'll enjoy the experience of hearing them afresh. It's one of those albums that makes delightful home listening and would also work well in a bar or on more discerning dancefloors - perhaps not so much at peak time but certainly as things mellowed off towards the end of the night leaving the crowd to shuffle along nicely in a haze of contentment.

Pantha Du Prince - Asha // Dial

The Bliss came out on Dial records, a label that's been a around a good few years now and I've been a fan of one of its co-founder's, Lawrence, for quite a while. As well as his Lawrence guise, he records under his own name as well as that of Sten and his releases are always of high quality and well worth checking out.

Lawrence - Swap // Ladomat2000 / NovaMute
Egoexpress - Aranda (Lawrence Remix) // Ladomat2000

You can fill your shopping trollies up with Dial and Lawrence goodies at all the usual places including here.

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