Saturday, August 11, 2007

Retro Electro

I've not been feeling many new releases of late so my posts have been few and far between. However I have been sent some good material in the past and it is time for a quick round up. Underneath the mountains of Electro House rubbish, DJ mixes and remixes of remixes that clog up my inbox, occasionally great material shines through.
Architecture of Sound sent me some interesting Electro from the bizarrely monikered Slap [Unmodified]. The Auto [Repeat] EP is five tracks of nice Retro Electro. Nothing groundbreaking but very solid nonetheless.

Slap [unmodified] - Effexor Redux // Architecture of Sound

Slap [unmodified] - Omnipresent (2nd edit) // Architecture of Sound

Check the for more info.

Next is more Italo goodness from the cleverly titled SeedyR and its offshoot SeedyburnR records (get it?).

Willy Baxter hails from Helsinki and has a deft touch for subtle Italo inspired Electro Disco. Check out his debut release, a split EP with H3lx.

Willy Baxter - Aiming High // SeedyburnR

H3lx - Supersmashingbrilliant (Willy Baxter Remix) // SeedyburnR

Buy SeedyR releases at Juno Download

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hopin that the world will see some more fans of this tune.

and his mix of H3lx is brilliant as well, very similar style to it too. he's a quality producer
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