Sunday, August 19, 2007

Balkan Beats

I got sent a rather nice Techno EP all the way from Zagreb. The New Tendencies EP is by Croatian Techno producer Davor O. There are six tracks in the release all displaying Davor's subtle touch for minimal Techno yet with enough ideas to fill several releases by more established minimal labels (Hands up M_nus). The two tracks here clock in at over 10 minutes each but there are plenty of unique sounds to keep you interested. Davor describes two of the tracks thus.. "Moka Bay" is a futuristic beach party, as rays of sunset peek through silicon silhouettes of cybernetic dancers. Eerie bells ride through looped chirps, as cleansing waves of synths bubble between the toes. "Chiq Pearls" gets percussive on your ass, its tight groove tiptoeing through hip-shaking gamelan chimes, insistent bass pulses, and dub effects.

Davor O - Chiq Pearls // Home Made Electronica

Davor O - Moka Bay // Home Made Electronica

You can find more details about the release at

Buy the release at Beatport

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sounds dope! not too much from this guy on the internet, but all quality. check out his social freischwebende album
They made that cd cover with mac I think haha
It's a good thing the music is great as the cover, I agree, is absimal!
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