Sunday, July 08, 2007


Having discovered the funky Detroit stylings of "Munch" by Redshape over at the excellent Little White Earbuds blog, I decided to do some extra investigating into this anonymous masked music maker. However I didn't find out too much. I what I do know is that Redshape hails from Germany and not Detroit. He has had releases on such labels as Delsin, Music Man, Present, Styrax Leaves and Millions of Moments.

I also discovered two live sets available to download and here is one of them. The other is available from the Redshape website Buy Redshape tunes at Juno Download

Redshape - Live @Kozzmozz NYE 2006/2007

There is also a new record to add to my list of tunes of the year so far. The 2000 and One remix of "Low Profile" by Lazy Fat People has a beautiful metallic sound that reminds me of mid Nineties classics such as Red 2, Phylyps Track and the work of Aril Brikha.

Lazy Fat People - Low Profile (2000 and One Remix) // Perspectiv

Original Removed by Request. Above link is a sample only

Buy at Beatport

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Hey mate,
Thanx for the promotion but please remove the full file.
the Perspectiv crew
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