Saturday, June 02, 2007

Picture Perfect

It has been a long time coming but the debut album "Skechbook" by Echaskech is finally here and it has definitely been worth the wait. Back in August last year I previewed some of the electronic duo's live music and since then they have been honing their sound to create an album of deep electronic soundscapes which are fully fleshed out. The album opener "Cause and Effect" starts off as a mellow Electro number with lush synths and dreamy effects but then a 303 line is dropped in to convert the track into full on acid throbber. It's a bold opening statement and sets up the rest of the album. Echaskech's sound ranges from ambient dreamscapes, through subtle Electronica to Electro and Techno influences. Many of the tracks including "Unsynchronised Swimming" and "A Slow Day" remind me of Snivillisation era Orbital.

The whole album flows together really well and incorporates their different styles and influences without any track feeling out of place. This is no mish mash of odd style clashes like so many electronic albums can be. Echaskech have found their own unique voice and it definitely shimmers.

Echaskech - Frequency Apogee // Just Music

Echaskech - A Slow Day // Just Music

Skechbook is released on June 4th on Just Music. You can buy the album and single "Popstars" here.

Echaskech Myspace

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