Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bring On The Darkness

Forget the summer season. Here is more darkness for your lives. RAW and I have taken a hiatus from posting for the last 3 weeks due to our excursion to Sonar in Barcelona in which there was some serious Dubstep electronic action. There will be a full Sonar report coming shortly.

In the meantime we bring new brand new Burial.

This new release continues in the same vain as Burial's amazing debut album, sparse metallic beats with fractured vocal samples. I swear I can hear either Whitney Houston or Maria Carey in this tune. (Answers on a postcard).

Burial - Ghost Hardware // Hyperdubs

Buy the full 320 MP3 release at Boomkat.

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mmm burial.

That would be Christina Aguilera at 2.21 ("Oh no" in the background).
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