Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Worm Has Turned

There's been a lot of talk in recent months about techno and dubstep getting ever closer and Villalobos' remix of Shackleton's Blood on my Hands has been one of the most hyped records of the year.

It finally got released this week and weighs in at 18 minutes of extremely dark minimalism.

It's out on the prolific Skull Disco label who have had a number of critically acclaimed releases which have now been collated onto a double pack CD also out this week.

Shackleton - Blood on my Hands (Villalobos Apocalypso mix)
// Skull Disco

You can buy Skull Disco releases here.

Sleeparchive is another of the techno heavyweights to have dabbled in this genre, co-producing the excellent LAC / Russia 12" on Stamp Release earlier this year. Check the speaker-shaking results below and pick up a copy here.

Stamp Release - Russia
// Stamp Release

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wow. loving this.
many thanks
mark e/ireallylovemusic
the combination is very exciting! great blog, keep it coming.
This bears fuck all relation to Dubstep!
It's just another pretentious piece of shit that is devoid of ideas. Basically it's just prog / tribal for Eurotrash poseurs and k-heads.
There is no reason for a tune to be 18 mins either. He's just wanking himself off.
95% of minimal is rubbish, but the other 5% is genius. However this is not in that 5%.
What rubbish.
Ahh, now this is what we need - a touch of healthy debate. As a track, I think this is quite interesting and at least stands out as something different. Does it live up to the hype? Definitely not and in my opinion records that were hyped as much as this rarely do. I totally agree that there is no need for it to be 18 mins long - it definitely isn't going to be played out by a DJ for that long (unless maybe they're messing around with it somehow) and although it's monotony does drag you in if you have it on as background home listening I think it would still be more than long enough at half this length. Afraid I'm going to have to disagree about 95% of minimal being rubbish as some wicked tracks have come out of this genre in the last couple of years. Whether the music is actually 'minimal' or not though is another matter.
Well 95% may be an exaggeration. However would tracks like Julian Juweil's "Air Conditionne" or Ito & Star's "Sudoku Kid" be classed as minimal? They are amazing tracks, but a real purist may not say they are strictly minimal. Mainly cos something actually happens in them. Stephan Bodzin is a genius producer, but wouldn't be classed as minimal, despite many of his tracks leaning that way. "Puck" for instance couldn't NOT be called minimal, and it's incredible.
For me, GOOD minimal is about the stuff you leave in being great - the melody, noises, device, etc - and taking away the unnecessary parts to let it breathe. But so much minimal is devoid of ideas or life. However, the superior attitude of many of its purveyors and fans creates an Emperor's New Clothes type of situation, where people are afraid to call it out, in case they are seen as philistines, mainstream etc.
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