Saturday, May 26, 2007

They Are The Night

Well I've managed to get my hands on the New Chemical Brothers Album 'We Are The Night' and the Verdict? As usual it veers between moments of inspiration which reminds you why you fell in love with their sound (what seems like so many years ago now) and moments of utter dross which begs the question What were you thinking? For example 'The Salmon Dance' feat Fatlip has to be the worst Chems track I have ever heard. Weak comedy Rapping does not a great album track make. However bar the Collaboration with Willy Mason on 'Battle Scars' the rest of the album flows along very nicely. Second track 'We Are The Night' is their sound back to its Psychedelic best. 'All Rights Reversed' feat Klaxons is much better than imagined and is an early highlight. 'Saturate' is an edited version of 'Electronic Battle Weapon 8' which still totally destroys. 'Do it Again' is solid chunky House music and 'Burst Generator' piles on distorted synths to create a mesmerising uplifting piece of Techno (This will sound amazing live). Album closer 'The Pills Won't Help You Now' feat Midlake starts as melancholic ballad on the come down after the big ride but stills manages to sound uplifting by the end and makes you feel that yes everything will be alright.

So give this album a chance and you will be rewarded. It's a grower that takes a few listens but after it all you will be imagining how good these tracks will sound in their live show. Which begs the question when are you going to release that live album which will blow everyone away?

The Chemical Brothers - Burst Generator // Freestyle Dust - Virgin

The Chemical Brothers - All Rights Reversed (featuring Klaxons) // Freestyle Dust - Virgin

We Are The Night is released on July 2nd check for more info. Pre order at Amazon

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I Agree the salmon dance is utter shite ..the Audion remix of do it again is a quality hypnotic trippy piece.
salmon dance is quality its like the humpty dance on acid.
i guess you lot just dont get it!peace jax
two songs of the new album (as well as review of the album in German) can be found here:

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