Monday, March 26, 2007

Breakfast Time!

I avoided the over confident approach of posting this track during our 'Birthday Bombs' series despite the fact that the two previous Soliton Research tracks I posted did technically qualify as 'exclusive releases'.

This latest ditty is something I've knocked up recently and as usual I'll just leave you a link to the track and let you make your own mind up about it.

I've also entered it into a competition to try and win some free studio time - you can check that out here. Would love to know what you think (good or bad) so comments here or via the comp would be greatly appreciated.

Nanorhythm - Continental Breakfast

P.S. Anyone who has already heard this track, this is a slightly different version that was only completed today.

EDIT: Thanks to the guys who made the comments and for the positive feedback - much appreciated :-)

I had to temporarily change the hosting of this track as we broke March's bandwidth allowance at Soliton Research. Not sure where the comments disappeared to after the re-post?!

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