Friday, March 02, 2007

Blinded by the Lights

While anyone with a fear of colours is definitely going to shy away from the sleeve of Gui Boratto's new album, their panic should abate once they delve inside and start listening to the musical gems contained within.

Following a string of 12"s over the last couple of years, the Brazilian's debut album for Kompakt will most definitely cement his reputation within the dance community, delivering as it does, a fine selection of styles and sounds from across the electronic spectrum.

Whether you should buy this album or not is not really questionable although you may be split over which format to go for as the LP contains a measly 6 cuts, albeit with the inclusion of some of the more dancefloor-oriented tracks such as the superb 'Mr Decay'. The CD delivers a much more generous 13, including one of my other favourites 'Xilo' - quite why this track didn't make it onto both formats though is beyond me especially when one of the six on the LP is the cheesy mid 90's mainstream dance-esque 'Beautiful Day'.

Anyway, here's Xilo in all it's guitar-tinged glory along with one of the tracks that first made people's ears prick up:

Gui Boratto - Xilo // Kompakt LP
Gui Boratto - Arquipelago // K2 12"

Check out his website too as there's details of an 'internet live transmission' of his new album.

Buy some of his releases from here

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nice post but the archipeligo mp3 doesn't download properly for me, it's all broken up. is it the file? can you re-post? thanks.

The file works ok for me but I've reposted it anyway - hopefully it'll be ok for you now. Is anyone else having problems?
Dead link ... shux!
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