Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Theory Of Everything

Look up 'Prima Materia' and you will discover that it has many meanings. Primevil matter, a fundamental substance. In the broadest terms the concept of the prima materia states that all particular substances are formed out of one and the same original substance.
In Descartes' philosophy of radical doubt the prima materia is knowledge or perception (including the inner perception of one's own mind) because the existence of an objective reality corresponding to our perceptions can never be demonstrated.
Its existence is intimately linked to our need to understand the ultimate or absolute truth of our reality and to the folly of our quest for the 'theory of everything'.

I wonder if Alex Smoke had this on his mind when he produced this beautiful but distorted slice of string led Techno minimalism? This is sublime. This could be very big indeed.

Alex Smoke - Prima Materia (Abort Mix) // Soma Recordings

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Liking this a lot, thanks.
lovely track from mr smoke here. seems like a logical progression from that steve reich mix he did end of last year.
Sounds a bit pretentious. but will give it a listen.
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