Saturday, January 27, 2007


I got sent some excellent new electronic sounds from an unsigned scottish duo by the name of Fenducci. Despite having a name that sounds like an Italian designer handbag (only joking guys) they make quality tunes ranging from downtempo Electronica through Electro, Deep House and Techno. My favourites are the deep Techno sound of 'Harvested' the metallic electro of 'Crash Bang Wallop' and the (does exactly what it says on the tin) Detroit style 'Electro Boogie'.

Here is some more background info from the boys themselves:

"Fenducci came into being in the East coast of Scotland in 1993. After one or two short range sorties as 'Spaceman Spiff', Fenducci (fen-doo-chee) was chosen as the imprint with which all future material was to be stamped. The name comes from the Dirty Harry series of movies (Fenducci is a former partner of Harry's who is killed on a case prior to the start of the movie), and was one which embodied the groove of cop shows and movies that influenced the creation of the Fenducci sound.

Starting with a Yamaha DX 21, a Roland TR606, an Atari ST, and an SH101 their sound grew with their web of synths and sound making tools, to play mechanized jazz and machine driven soul. Fenducci are car chases on martian roads, shoot outs in space ports, 25th century disco, cybernetic funk, and android punk. They would love to own silver spacesuits, a jet pack, and are still waiting for their food in pill form.....Machines have feelings too....."

Fenducci - Live Set // Recorded 27.12.06 at the Reading Rooms. 43 mins

Fenducci - Harvested

Fenducci - Crash Bang Wallop

Fenducci - Electro Boogie

Fenducci - Got It Back

Fenducci - Set Up Sort

Fenducci - Backfat

The pair are currently redefining and refining their live work for the next phase this space for more info. You can check out the rest of their back catalogue on their website 'gestaltanalysis' below. I'm sure they would appreciate some feedback.

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