Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tune In

The resurgence of 'the Basic Channel sound' in recent years is something which is often commented upon in both the media and in record store catalogue listings. The deep, dubby vibe and metallic synths that typifies the phenomenon seem to crop up all over the place these days be it as part of a track's accompaniment in either techno or dubstep circles or as the actual basis of the track for next generation BC / Rhythm & Sound / Maurizio-influenced producers such as Quantec or Deepchord / Echospace.

While it's frequent for the imitators to be criticised for not reaching the high standards set out by the innovators or pushing the sounds into uncharted territories, there are an equal (probably greater?) number of people (myself included) more than happy to lap up these sonic variations and said fans are likely to take great pleasure from Deadbeat's Radio Rothko mix.

Despite only containing a small number of tracks actually produced by Mark & Moritz, Radio Rothko screams Basic Channel at you and merely fluctuates along this pivotal axis as the mix takes its course; never straying very far from the production 'rules' the pair used. Featuring a wide variety of BC-influenced tracks and producers both old and new, the mix leans to the mellower side of their sound and despite not being a BC-affiliated product it's perhaps the perfect counterbalance to Scion's earlier 'Arrange and Process' outing which delivers a much tougher dancefloor-oriented take on the template.

No takeaway today but Deadbeat's Magnetic North features on the mix and is available below for your viewing / listening pleasure. You can pick up a copy of Radio Rothko at the usual stores on either CD or download.

Deadbeat "Magnetic North" from the Agriculture on Vimeo.

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