Monday, April 12, 2010

Less Of My Lip

For today's post, I'm going to try and dispense with some of the usual hyperbole in order to try and keep things trim and concise for you guys as well as to help minimise the time I spend staring at the screen trying to think of suitably expressive ways of describing what your own ears will tell you anyway. There's also no real theme or connection between the tracks featured other than the fact that they're taken from releases which have tickled my fancy in recent weeks.

Abstract elecronica seems to have all but died a death in recent years but as it played a big part in my formative electronic years, it's still something I have something of a soft spot for. For me it's certainly the melodic side of the scene that provides the interesting reference points rather than the overtly crazy 'drum kit falling down the stairs' experimental stuff. As is often the case with IDM producers, Tudor Acid's Merri Portland dabbles in both aspects and in parts it pushes me towards the limits of what I consider to be acceptable levels of 'challenging listening' but it also contains some interesting moments and wins brownie points for invoking a sense of nostalgia in me, hence gets a mention here.

Tudor Acid - Endangered Species // Tudor Beats Buy

Next up is a track from Prins Thomas' debut album. Filed broadly under the category of Space / Nu Disco, this isn't a genre I give a great deal of time to but on occasion it provides some respite from the the slightly purer form of electronics I usually favour. Prins Thomas is one of the scene's established stars and his self titled album provides a pleasant listen, throwing guitars and other 'real' instruments into the mix to deliver a psyched-out balearic vibe.

Prins Thomas - Uggebugg //Full Pupp Buy

On a more electronic tip, Davide Squillace's Tutti Frutti 12" plays around with different doses of house and techno to deliver a pair of dancefloor friendly cuts. The title track is a percussive house number with a strong groove supplemented by a gasping vocal that forms the main hook. On the flip, Old Dusty Pictures reverses the house / techno quotas but again delivers a mid-paced offering perfect for shuffling along to. While neither of these tracks are particularly mind-blowing they are certainly pleasant and will most likely be worthwhile additions to a variety of DJ's tool kits given the flexibility that tracks of this nature provide in terms of building sets up or down or indeed helping to present a little breather from the anthems.

Davide Squillace - Old Dusty Pictures // Hideout buy

Finishing off today is a track most definitely for the horizontally inclined. It's an entirely beatless affair coming from The Village Orchestra's back catalogue. It's lifted from his 'Outside the Circle Looking In' album which is itself a compilation of tracks completed over the last 8 or so years but having previously only being released in not so readily available environments (blog exclusive downloads etc). The album encompasses a variety of styles as is pretty much par for the course with TVO's production output but what's almost better than the great tracks on offer is the fact that he's giving it away for FREE!!! So what are you waiting for, head on over and bag yourself a copy!

The Village Orchestra - Shouting Gram (excerpt)

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