Saturday, March 06, 2010

Time To Boogy

The relevance of the mix CD in today's times of frequently flowing and freely available podcasts is a subject which gets debated frequently but my stance on it is simple: if the mix is good then the CD is worth buying. Excellent examples of such worthy purchases were highlighted last month in Langer's double headed Fabric feature and the latest addition to the Boogybytes series is another such case in point. Boogybytes Vol.05 is mixed by Seth Troxler and is the first in the Boogybytes series not to be put together by one of the core BPitch roster and if this was done as a toe dipping experiment then Ellen Allien must surely be pleased with the results.

Setting out with an elongated and rather captivating intro that spans the first three tracks, the party vibe finally drops with the rather ubiquitous The Soul Part II (a track I'm not actually that keen on) before starting the mix's journey through a variety of interesting changes in pace and musical direction. The first half of the mix has an underlying house vibe but invariably with a deep techy undercurrent as exhibited on tracks such as Deniz Kurtel's remix of Fables and Fairytales. Things head into more minimal territory around the halfway mark, spearheaded by Alex Delano's Molar One and also featuring the likes of Hawtin, Hearthrob and Matthew Dear (in his Jabberjaw guise) before lightening up again with the excellent Birds and Souls and then finishing with a flurry of attention grabbing tracks including cuts from Roman Fluegel and Fever Ray.

In isolation, most of the tracks on this mix probably wouldn't get me particularly excited but Troxler's skill in selecting tracks that work well together and using them to move around the playing field and keep things interesting is what really makes this a worthy purchase and on the strength of this outing it's easy to see why Troxler is gaining a growing reputation as a DJ of considerable note.

The mix doesn't seem to be in all the usual places just yet e.g. Boomkat but you can pick up a copy at Phonica.

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