Sunday, November 08, 2009

All Killer, No Filler

Here's more quality tuneage that you need to be hearing innit.

Claro Intelecto - Chadderton // Modern Love Buy

Killer new EP from the Modern Love stable.

Scuba - Speak // Naked Lunch Buy

One of my producers of the year. You just can't fault his productions.

Joy Orbison - Wet Look // Hotflush Buy

Hyph Mngo is undoubtedly one of the records of the year. This B side is also a killer as well.

Levon Vincent - Late Night Jam // Ostgut Buy

After Medium is The Message, this is another big record from the hot New York producer.

Hot Mixes:

Shed - Wax Treatment Podcast 003 Tracklist

Jus Wan - Hotflush Podcast 005

Two brilliant mixes in a dubtec style.

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Those Levon Vincent records are massive.
Does anyone have a high quality MP3 of Medium is the Message? I can't get hold of one anywhere.
nice tracks...loving the hotflush mix
Another great post. Keep at it Langer, ill-ec-tro-nic has been a favorite blog for a long, long time!

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