Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Expectations

The wait is nearly over! The debut album by Dutch producer Martijn Deykers is finally here. Martyn was both myself and RAW's favourite producer of 2008, releasing a string of stunning 12"s and remixes which blurred the lines of Dubstep, Techno, 2-step and Drum 'n' Bass and which has seen him elevated to the top echalons of the Dubstep/Techno scene.

To say that this release is eagerly anticipated is somewhat of an understatement but from what I have heard so far it looks like the hype has been justified and Martyn has produced an album which fits perfectly into the new 'Dubtec' sound but has a much broader appeal and encompasses more genres than one would expect. Martyn describes his sound thus: "I think what makes music interesting is when an artist incorporates his/her influences and translates it into a unique sounding style," he explains. "Although it might sound a tad arrogant, I'd like to think of my music as 'Martyn music.' I try not to think of it as dubstep or techno, or house or drum & bass—it's not about genres, it's about music. This way I feel more freedom to make the music I want to make."

Great Lengths is out on 3024 on April 20th. Buy

1. The Only Choice
2. krdl-t-grv
3. right?star!
4. Seventy Four
5. Little Things
6. Vancouver
7. These Words (Ft. dBridge)
8. Bridge
9. Elden St.
10. Far Away
11. Hear Me
12. Is This Insanity? (Ft. Spaceape)
13. Brilliant Orange
14. Natural Selection

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The produver Martijn Deykers is well-known because he knows how to please people who like listen to different musical genres
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