Monday, April 27, 2009

Double Dutch

In case today's image is looking a little familiar to some of you it's because it's been on the front pages of Little White Earbuds for a couple of weeks as they used it for one of their podcasts. The image is of Louis Guilliaume and it was upon seeing that he'd done a podcast for LWE that reminded me I'd been meaning to post about him for some time.

I came to hear of Guilliaume a few months back whilst slowly working my way through a pile of mp3s a friend gave me. The tracks had been sat on my player and after having listened to a bunch of new but not particularly spectacular stuff, my ears suddenly pricked up as they were subjected to some of the most powerful, innovative and generally in your face techno I'd heard in a good while. Sure enough, the tracks in question turned out to be by Louis Guillaume, a name I'd not heard of previously and in trawling the web on an information gathering exercise for this post, it seems that Louis has only a few releases under his belt and that other than the contents of his own myspace, there's not really too much info (or indeed photos) about the man out there.

I'll avoid regurgitating the info on his myspace save to say that Louis is from Holland and cites a wide list of musical influences. Many of these tastes can be heard on his aforementioned podcast which takes in sounds from disco's yesteryear alongside more contemporary techno and house cuts. I was actually quite surprised when I heard the mix as it's quite far removed from his own productions which don't so much introduce themselves to the uninitiated as scream their presence at you.

The cuts below are taken one apiece from two EPs he had out last year and if the labelling on the tracks I was given by a friend are anything to go by it looks like he has a bunch of new stuff in the pipeline.

Louis Guillaume - Fucked Up
// SD Records

Louis Guillaume - For Ever // SD Records

Buy Louis Guilliaume releases at Juno or Zero "

Louis is truly at the "cutting edge." I'm totally inspired by his productions...more so than I have been in a long time by anyone. Glad to see were on the same page. :)
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