Monday, February 09, 2009

A Different Dub

Following on nicely from Langer's genre blurring dub excursion I'm going to keep things on a similar line for today's post but while The Dubtec Mix was characterised by a sense of dark foreboding, Brendan Moeller's Beat Pharmacy project takes dub in a largely different direction.

Instead of the usual laid back style of either traditional or techno infused dub, Beat Pharmacy's Wikkid Times LP presents the reggae grooves in more unfamiliar house style territory. All bar one of the album's tracks features a guest vocalist and duties are provided by familiar names in the likes of Spaceape and the living legend that is Paul St Hilaire but while the silky vocals carry their usual resonance the end product is more of an uplifting vibe than usual.

Strangers is definitely one of the album's more downbeat numbers and if truth be told, I think the more atmospheric side of dub-tinged electronics is where my heart really lies...or maybe it's just that the template set out by Rhythm & Sound was just so damn good!

Beat Pharmacy - Strangers (feat. Spaceape) // Deep Space Media buy

Rhythm & Sound - King Version // Burial Mix buy

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