Monday, January 05, 2009

Right On Cue

Only days after stating that my end of year charts were merely the best records I'd heard last year did I finally discover the identity of a track that sent shivers down my spine the first time I heard it and true to form it was indeed a 2008 production and most definitely worthy of (a very high position in) my 'best of' list.

Danton Eeprom's 'The Infinity Symbol' is quite simply a slice of sheer electronic brilliance that starts out as electro by numbers before quickly introducing the disjointed synth that forms the backbone of the track's 8 minute journey which takes in such a staggering number of ideas including strings, effects and a sublime Claro Intelecto style melody that it simply shouldn't work but ends up being an absolute triumph of genius!

I've not heard of Danton previously but a quick check of his myspace reveals that he has a tidy pile of quality productions and remixes under his belt - one to keep an eye on me thinks!

I came across Infinity Symbol at the end of Marcel Fengler's mix for mnml ssgs and it was indeed the perfect ending to an excellent journey. Fengler is one of the residents at the Berlin's Berghain so needless to say the mix in question is a fairly no-nonsense techno affair. It seems that mnml ssgs has been going around a year or so and it has somehow managed to escape my gaze until now. However, this error in my ways has now been resolved and they are most definitely on my radar as the guys over there not only have keen ears but have somehow managed to rope in some seriously high caliber DJs for their rather prolific and extremely high quality mix series. I suggest those of you not already in the know head on over there and fill your boots without delay.

Danton Eeprom - The Infinity Symbol

The Infinity Symbol appears on the Tsuba Samuari EP and you can buy a copy on high quality mp3 at Beatport.

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oups, wrong myspace link for danton eeprom... he released "confessions of an english opium eater" which is an deep and progressive minimal killer.

and he also plays with ivan smagghe (-> La Horse), they've done a bunch of remixes...

cheers, and all the best for 09 !!
oops indeed - a touch of finger trouble on my cut & paste action.

Cheers for the pointer (& the extra info) - all sorted now.
Thanks for this. "Confessions..." is an odd but good minimal tune.
fucking amazing track

love it!

reminds me of the old deanne day stuff on emissions
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