Saturday, January 17, 2009

Orchestral Maneuvers

Glasgow based Stuff Records have been responsible for some of the most out there, ground breaking releases to come out since Warp records first came onto the scene in the last Millennium. Warp records respect them so much that they have signed Rustie, the Glasgow wunderkind after his first two EPs for Stuff and being signed by the label is now seen by many as a stepping stone onto greater heights.

So we were filled with much excitement when Stuff sent through their latest release for our starving ears to review.

The Village Orchestra or TVO as he is sometimes known is the Techno nom de plume of Ruaridh Law, The Dark is Rising is a new mini album + EP which brings together elements of old skool Hardcore, Detroit Techno, Warp Electronica and the Techno/Dubstep crossover which has been championed on these pages many times.

2562 has been chosen to remix 'Afanc' from the EP and his mix is superbly spacious track, half dubstep and half Chain Reaction Heroin House.

The Village Orchestra - Afanc (2562 Remix) // Stuff 006

The first 200 records are accompanied by a CDR of the mini album, The Dark is Rising and this reverts to the more familiar territory of subtle atmospheric Electronica, perfect listening material for the early hours.

The EP and mini album should be released shortly through the usual outlets.

The Village Orchestra - The Grey King // Stuff Records

I couldn't leave without giving you a slice of the genius of Rustie, the young scamp, that with his releases have put himself and Stuff Records firmly on the musical map. 'Soapy Tits' is taken from the Beatnicks Vol 1 EP released in 2007 on Up My Alley Records.

Rustie - Soapy Tits // Beatnicks Vol 1 EP. Up My Alley

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