Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can You Feel Obama

If, like me you were one of the billions watching the presidential inauguration on Tuesday you couldn't help but feel the gravity of the event and all it symbolised. The comparisons with Dr Martin Luther King standing in the same spot in 1963 are obvious but Obama's speech was a more sombre and subdued affair than either Dr Kings's or his own victory speech in Chicago back in November.

Now again in comparison to the great civil rights leader, The president's speech has been put to the classic Chicago House track by Larry Heard. 'Can You Feel It'. Poignant Indeed.

Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It (Barack Obama Edit) // Gameplay

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What a great job, not original of course but very welcome. Good to hear and thanks for making it available. ;-)
Is there any chance this could be re-upped? many thanks, carnival vibes
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