Monday, December 15, 2008

Texan Melodies

Exponential Records is an independent label based out of Texas and since it's foundation in 2002 it's been putting out a steady stream of tasty electronica by a variety of largely Hispanic artists.

The label was co-founded by Ernest Gonzales and this year saw him re-release his 2004 album Lullaby. Originally put out on CD under the alias Theory of Everything, Lullaby was inspired by the news that Ernest was to become a father and upon describing the thought process behind the project, Ernest explains "I wanted to make music for my baby to fall asleep original idea was to create peaceful sleep inducing music and what came out is very dreamlike and electronic." The 2008 version is a digital-only re-release and features six of the seven original tracks plus a new one from Ernest and remixes by some of his friends. The new versions are in line with the mellow sounds of the original compositions and I'm sure the gentle melodies of both the old and new cuts are still helping to soothe his daughter to sleep and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Ernest Gonzales - Run Jump Seek (Zoon van snooK Remix)

In it's thirteen release history, Exponential has put out two compilations and we featured the excellent Wait til the Ice Melts back in April this year. Aether's Forgive Me was included in the post but this time around he gets an even bigger share of the limelight as its his debut LP, Artifacts, we're talking about. Having already been picked out on iTunes weekly indie spotlight, we clearly aren't the first people to notice the strength of this release and if melodic hip hop / electronica is your bag then you're gonna be in for a treat! Aether, real name Diego Chavez, has a whole host of other musical aliases and by all accounts he's rather busy on the production front so if he keeps knocking out quality work like this, this young man is definitely going to be one to keep an eye on.

Aether - Autumn Pisces

Exponential releases can be bought from iTunes as well as direct from the label itself.

The label also offers a whole host of tracks for free download.

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