Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sneaking In There

I have just come across two albums which have managed to sneak their way into my consciousness just before the inevitable end of year roundups. Albums from both Shed and Scuba had escaped my ears earlier in the year but I'm very glad I've caught up with them now.

I became aware of Shed after the excellent remix he did of Substance's 'Relish' back in July, but didn't do any more digging for his other releases. Thankfully Boomkat pointed me in the right direction placing 'Estrange' as one of their tracks of the year. Upon hearing this gem I then sought out the excellent album 'Shedding The Past' which was released back in September on Berlin label Ostgut Tontrager, which when translated bizarrely means 'Ostrogoths Sound Carrier'!!? Despite the Ostrogoths being a tribe of East Germanic Goths from the Roman Empire days, this is an album of dub infused Techno and Electronica. 'Estrange' is the highlight for me with its mournful synths and future steppa drum patterns.

Shed - Estrange // Ostgut Tontrager Buy

Substance are one of the artists contributing a mixes for a series of remix 12"s of 'A Mutual Antipathy' the excellent album by Scuba released back in April of this year. Other artists brought in to mix selected tracks are Dutch Dubstep wonderkind Martyn and Berlin's Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann

Substance bring's his usual deep Berlin Dub Techno style to proceedings but it is the two mixes by Jamie Vex'd and Surgeon which are the undesputed highlights for me. Vex'd goes so far leftfield on his mix of 'Twitch' that that he his positively off the chart, combining big sub bass with wonky synth work and stuttering beats, reminding me of Jackson and His Computer Band's best glitchy work. Essential. Buy

Surgeon's effort bridges the Techno/Dubstep divide like no other track I've heard. It has the pumelling beats of his best Techno work, but has the undeniable swing of great 2 Step and Dubstep. The 'Is it Techno or Dubstep?' lines have become really blurred on this one. Superb.

Scuba - Ruptured (Surgeon Remix) // Hotflush Buy


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hi - love the blog - for some reason the mp3s seem to be only a few kb - any chance you could reupload?

cheers :)
dead mp3 links :(
You have such a great selection of stuff on this blog. I bookmarked it months ago and just rediscovered today. Adding you to my blogroll!

Hi, "Ostgut" has nothing to do with goths. "Gut" in this case is a German noun meaning "estate" or rather "goods". And as "Ostgut Tonträger" is the label closely linked to the Berlin Berghain Club, it'll probably refer to the place where this club is situated: in a part of the city called Friedrichshain, which is in the East (= "Osten") of Berlin. Of course you also have to keep in mind the German history with Berlin and the two Germanys being divided into East und West for about 50 years.
Thanks for setting that straight. Was was a bit dubious about that. Internet translation programs are obviously no good. What I did find out was that the Ostgut club inc panarama bar was a old store for the nearby railway-station (Ostbahnhof)
Ostgut Tonträger acutally means "tone carrier," so really no strange connotations there...and the Berghain is an old power station behind the Ostbahnhof...
check philip sherburne's awesome article about the club: :
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