Sunday, November 02, 2008

Here Come The Dubsteppers

Three new Dubstep albums have been dominating my stereo of late, all infused with a dark foreboding menace which fits right in with the cold gloom of London town at the moment.

First up is Headhunter with his new release 'Nomad'. So named because virtually every track was recorded in various locations throughout the world including Montreal, Paris, Athens, Slovakia and of course our beloved Blighty. The album takes Dub Techno influences, echoing vocal samples, 2 Step and 4/4 beats and weaves them all together to make a very consistant sounding and listenable experience.

Headhunter - Lifeform // Tempa Buy

Next are two new releases form the Planet Mu stable. Distance is a DJ on Rinse FM and first came to prominence on Sting records with tracks like "Breathing Space", "Shiverz" & "Tropical Rub". After having recorded for Boka, Hotflush and Tempa, he's moved over to Planet Mu.

Repercussions is his new album and is filled with subtle excursions into late night slow-mo dubstep territory on tracks like 'Out of Mind' plus the odd bass weight filled steppers including 'Koncrete' and 'Skeleton Grin'. You can listen to these plus the rest of the album at the Planet Mu website

Distance - Out of Mind // Planet Mu Released November 24th

Finally it is the turn of Starkey, Philidelphia's finest dubstep, grime, bass, artist and the latest signing to the Planet Mu roster. His album 'Ephemeral Exhibits' is loud and brash with lots of Old Skool Hardcore elements, Electro and 4/4 beats thrown into the mix. Listen to the rest of the album here

Starkey - Bang Bang The Witch Is Dead // Planet Mu Released December 1st

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