Sunday, November 16, 2008

Board Meetings

A new compilation from the Rotters Golf Club stable is about to drop onto an unsuspecting public. 'Andrew Weatherall Vs The Boardroom' centers around a group of musicians and producers working around the engineering nucleus of Steve Boardman in the Boardroom Studio, which itself is part of the Rotters Golf Club Studio. Mr Boardman is also manning the desk with Mr Weatherall on remix duties as well as co-writing and engineering the forthcoming Weatherall album, 'A Pox on the Pioneers'.

The compilation has Three remixes from Weatherall himself plus a couple of tracks by Two Lone Swordsmen which receive remixes from fellow collaborators, Dave Congreve (aka Conman) and James Moss (aka E.S.C). It is the first two tracks however by Radical Majik (aka Rad Rice) and Le Sarge En Board (Sidney Le Sarge) that really stand out for me with their smacked out Electro House vibes and instantly addictive basslines. Proper 5am dancefloor material.

Le Sarge En Board - Through The Robot Chicken Shed
// Rotters Golf Club

Andrew Weatherall Vs The Boardroom is released on Nov 17th. Buy

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I really dig this. There are bizzare, yet awesome noise combinations going on here. Thank You!
Looking for James Lang who was in Thailand in late september? Is this your blog? Must send some photos from hol on....

Hi Trevor,

Yep you got the right blog. Did you get my email?

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