Thursday, November 06, 2008

Before I Go

This will be the last from me for a few weeks as I'm about to jet off on holiday but before I leave you in Langer's hands I've got just about enough time for one last post. Unlike many of my previous posts, there's no 'theme' to this one other than the fact that all of these tracks / albums have been getting some air time on my headphones.

I'm guessing that few outside of Scandinavia (myself included) will have heard of the curious genre known as Skwee but from the little I've read about it's basically synth driven lo-fi electronica that doesn't take itself too seriously. Eero Johannes' anonymously titled debut LP sits within said classification and delivers 13 tracks of bleepy goodness that range from synth pop similar in style to the the excellent Datashat through to slightly tougher and more 'serious' tracks that wouldn't sound out of place on a wonky aquacrunk dancefloor.

Eero Johannes - Katt Witt 700 Watts //Planet Mu buy

Next up is another debut LP but this time on a mellow hip hop tip. Adrian Michna started his recording career under the moniker Egg Foo Young and had an EP out on Andrea Parker's Touchin' Bass imprint a few years back and has done a handful of remixes and some production work since. On Magic Monday though he's dropped the pseudonym and his first name preferring simply to be known as Michna. The album is a tasty little number reminiscent of RJD2's early work with each track offering something a little different from the next whilst maintaining a warm relaxing vibe throughout.

Michna - Believe In It //Ghostly International buy

The ethereal vocals and soothing piano on Dutch Elm, the opening track of Sunken Foal's Fallen Arches, might lead the listener to assume it's going to be a breezy and relaxing ride all the way. However, while tracks such as Cash Poor are in a similar mould, this is a Planet Mu album after all so things get a little more 'challenging' as the album progresses and the various electronic toys are thrown into the mix.

Sunken Foal - Cash Poor // Planet Mu buy

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