Monday, August 11, 2008

The Sun Is Shining

OK, so if you live in the UK this title of the post isn't exactly holding true this summer although the other week I think I counted a whole 6 days of decent weather! Round about the same time I also obtained a copy of Greg Wilson's 2020 Vision.

Now, if you play me disco-tinged house on a harsh winter's day you're likely to get a reception as cold as the weather but there's something about the sunshine that suppresses my appetite for sharp clinical techno and mellows my temperament to more uplifting sounds.

Many of you will know Greg Wilson for his 'Credit to the Edit' series and for this compilation he again throws a couple of his own re-edits into the mix alongside other tracks from 2020's back catalogue. A couple of the tracks from the album are posted below but for me it's really the whole package that makes this an essential summer purchase and reminds me of those happy times dancing in a field as the sun comes up.

Spirit Catcher - Sweet Deal //2020Vision
Random factor - Second Principles //2020Vision

Buy the album direct from 2020Vision.

For those of you that don't do such soulful sounds, regardless of the circumstances, here's some dark downtempo electronica. It's from the new Twine LP, Violets which is definitely one for the head rather than the limbs. Although I'd not heard of these guys ahead of this release, a quick scan on Discogs suggests that they've been mixing up the answerphone messages with the static and guitars for a while now in order to deliver their particular brand of atmospheric ambience.

Twine - In Through The Devices // Ghostly International

Buy Violets at Juno.

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hm, reminds me of mid-nineties scanner in more than one way...
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