Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bring The Noise

The use of White Noise in music fascinates me and has a deep effect on my psyche. Maybe because it is the background sound of the universe, static hiss left over from the big bang where we all come from. Its utilisation in Rock and Electronic music is the sound of feedback and the static 'fuzz in the mixer' of crackles and pops to create layer upon layer of textured sounds.

There are a number of artists that utilise this feedback fuzz in their creations, My Bloody Valentine and M83 are a couple of the most well known, but I have been discovering a few more tracks along the way by lesser known producers such as Ricardo Tobar that I posted back in November last year and the opus below by Jesse Somfay, which I was turned on to by a post by Random Circuits.
Fricative White (From a whisper to a scream) by Jesse Somfay is quite simply a masterpiece of fuzzy Techno which subtly rises and falls with different elements over a staggering 27 mins.

Jesse Somfay - Fricative White (From a whisper to a scream) // Serendip - Arch 036

Another great track is from a new compilation on Moodgadget Records. The Synchronicity Suite is a compilation ranging from Electropop to instrumental Post Rock and glitchy Electronica that is a great mix of styles to suit all tastes. 'Cavedweller' by The Reflecting Skin is another slice of fuzzy Tech House which peaks with layers of white noise to lose your senses to.

The Reflecting Skin - Cavedweller (Instrumental Version)
// Moodgadget

Buy the compilation at Beatport

I couldn't leave without giving you a rare instumental outing from the master Kevin Shields and MBV.

My Bloody Valentine - Instrumental B
// Creation 1988

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the somfay track is just astounding.
everyone should hear it - i've been playing it over and over.
archipel are a label to watch!

thanks for the mbv.
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