Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Splash the Cash

Following on from my previous post about vinyl enthusiasts, I can only assume that this is exactly who Cocoon target their annual 'Compilation x' boxsets at (either that or the rich or slightly mad) as paying fifty quid for half a dozen 12"s in a box is a bit beyond my comprehension really. Cocoon's 2008 offering, Compilation H has recently been released and while I have no major gripe with the music on offer and 6 (import) 12"s would cost somewhere in this region, I can't imagine that many people making that much use of all 12 sides. Thankfully, the compilation is also available as a (regular price) CD and in this form it's a worthy purchase for anyone wanting to increase their collection of dancefloor friendly house and techno. The artist selection reads a bit like of who's who of contemporary techno with input from the likes of Raudive, Mark August, Efdemin etc. Most of the cuts are solid but for me it's Simon's Baker's 'U' that really owns it with a trademark builder that unleashes a wonky synth from it's echo chamber confines - nice!

Simon Baker - U

Most of you will no doubt know Baker from his gargantuan 'Plastik' that came out last year and for those of you that haven't heard this it's definitely one to seek out. It's just been remixed by Todd Terje and rather than trying to turn it into an even bigger speaker shaker he's decided to take it in a totally new direction by giving it a laid back disco feel. I haven't heard the new version in full yet but you can check out a sample and pick up a copy at Phonica.

Pick up a copy of Compilation H on CD at Play or if your piggy bank is about to burst then you can get a vinyl copy at Juno.

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