Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sound of Silence

It has been some 10 years since the duo Michael Golding & Steve Rutter otherwise know as B12 have broken the silence since their last recorded output. The 3 EP in 1998 was their last release following on from their 'Time Tourist' LP and their classic 'Electro-Soma' which was a highlight of Warp records seminal 'Artificial Intelligence' series.

Last Days of Silence is a new release of unheard material, tracks only ever heard live plus music only available on limited edition vinyl. The continuity however is difficult to miss. This album follows on superbly from where their previous outings left off, fusing their unmistakable Detroit influences with the sounds of early nineties Warp electronica.

Listening to this release brings back great memories of my formative years spent listening to Black Dog, Aphex Twin and the classic sound of Detroit with all it's soul and warmth. There's none of yer soulless minimal here.

B12 - 32 Lineup // B12 Records

B12 - More Than One // B12 Records

Last Days of Silence is available as an 18 Track double CD with the second disc, a set of unreleased live recordings. It is also available in a signed limited edition metal box, available here.

You can get your hands on all their back catalogue through Bleep

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wow, i'd forgotten how truly awesome they are..
imo, outboard gear has as much to do with that warm sound as good songwriting. there is a reason why Sasha made his wonderfully warm full-length 'AirDrawnDagger' by running it through outboard gear and out of the over-compression that is the easy outcome of computer-made tunes..

thanks for posting.;-)
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