Friday, July 25, 2008

Cornish Pride

There can't be that many people in dance music with a back catalogue as extensive as Luke Vibert's what with the mountain of releases and remixes he's put out over the years under his plethora of different pseudonyms.

A bit like his work in general, I found the Rodulate LP to be a bit of a mixed bag but Vibert's ability to produce disjointed electronica and experimental hip hop alongside disco, acid house and electro is exactly what makes him such a good producer and why he has an army of fans.

The tracks on Rodulate were co-written with Jeremy Simmonds and the LP is a (somewhat belated) follow up to their 1993 album 'Weirs'. The latest album consists of previously unreleased material from the Rephlex vaults and in amongst the bleeps, amen breaks and general wonkiness there lies two absolute killer electro cuts in the form of Fishing Ray and the title track itself.

Vibert / Simmonds - Rodulate
// Rephlex

Rodulate is in all the usual stores and Vibert's extensive catalogue can be waded through over at Bleep.

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