Thursday, July 03, 2008

Collectable Cool

As most vinyl enthusiasts will tell you, there's something strangely appealing about those shiny slabs of wax that amounts to more than just the fine sounds contained within their grooves. For this reason, limited edition releases always hold that extra special interest and as subscribers to Ai Records' mailing list will know (as they get first bite of their limited run pie) this is something that this label excels at. Ai's latest vinyl offering is a clear disc with dots embedded within it and is one of the most unique examples of such artistry I've seen.

The packaging of the release is of course secondary to the quality of the music and this is what really makes Ai a label to keep your eyes on. Right from their very beginning, Ai has specialised in releasing music from new talents and the series of 'dotted' releases brought to a close with this latest offering has delivered music of the highest order from Plant 43, Najem Sworb and The Third Man (not to forget the superb Datassette LP that dropped earlier this year, albeit not as part of the same series).

A listen through Ai's back catalogue unearths all manner of delights ranging from ambient armchair affairs through to full on dancefloor destroyers and keeping variety within their releases is something that they maintain to this day. The label's latest CD has also just come out and is an 11 track (mid-price) sampler with a summery feel that nicely portrays the breadth of their roster.

Several of the tracks from the dot series are contained within the (exclusive) label mix below and the Plant 43 live set showcases his fine brand of emotive electro.

Najem Sworb - Ai Artist Mix

Plant 43 - Live at Bleep to the Bone NYE 06/07

You can buy Ai releases direct from the label's shop.

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