Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Sound of [Mu]sic

Despite their long running and prolific release schedule, Planet Mu isn't a label that I know a great deal about as I've always associated it with the more caustic end of IDM (something which I can only take in small doses). However, I was recently given some of the label's latest releases and although the crazed breakbeat of Venetian Snares' Detrimentalist resulted in a fairly short slot on the CD player, it was the efforts of two artists that I'd not heard of previously that tickled my ear buds and have been on frequent rotation since.

The Standoffish Cat (dodgy title!) is the debut LP from Mrs Jynx and is 13 tracks of electronica goodness. While none of the tracks are particularly groundbreaking they are all high quality mixes of floaty melodies and clicky percussion and if you've been hankering after the good old days of mid 90s electronica then this album should be just up your street.

Mrs Jynx - Time Missed //The Standoffish Cat

Buy The Standoffish Cat here.

iTAL tEK is another relatively new producer with only a handful of EPs ahead of his first full long player here. Cyclical shows off another of dubstep's many facets only this time it's luscious electronica melodies that have been thrown into the melting pot to spice up the sparse rhythms and gargantuan sub-bass.

iTAL tEK - Cyclical

Buy Cyclical here.

And for those of you that are fans of the slightly more deranged face of Planet Mu's releases, here's something from label owner Mike Paradinas from a few years back:

u-Ziq - Siege of Antioch //Bilious Paths

Buy Planet Mu here.

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