Sunday, June 29, 2008

Master of the House

Coming from the same school of musical lunacy as the likes of Modeselektor and many of the artists associated with the North South Divide, Germany's Housemeister has just dropped his second album.

Who Is That Noize came out a few weeks back on All You Can Beat, a label co-run by Housemeister and the superbly titled Dirty Doering.

Sitting somewhere between techno and electro house with some crunk attitude thrown in for good measure, the album bucks the recent trend of over-production, preferring to keep things a touch rawer and concentrating more on the age old tradition of delivering good honest party music; a manifesto Housemeister was also sticking to when I saw him DJ a couple of weeks back and one to which the crowd was wholeheartedly signing up to.

Housemeister cites a love of classic analogue equipment and this is abundantly clear throughout this album as well as on this live set from earlier this year:

Housemeister - Live at Registratur, Munich 2008

Head on over to his website for more free downloads and pick up a copy of the album here

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yeah, i can appreciate this dirty party style a lot. bouncy shit.
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