Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Be Kind. Rewind

I've not been inspired to write about much new music recently so I thought I'd give you a blast from the past and share what I have been rediscovering recently.

Plaid are one of the foremost Electronica artists on Warp records. Having grown out of a side project of Black Dog Productions, Ed Handley and Andrew Turner released their first proper full length album, Not For Threes in 1997. This was followed by Rest Proof Clockwork in 1999, Trainer (a compilation of early works) in 2000 and Double Figure in 2001. Spokes followed in 2003 and Greedy Baby in 2006. Lazy this duo is not.

Here is but a taster of their unique electronic sound which has a purity and clarity all of its own encompassing many styles and influences. Enjoy.

Plaid - Rakimou // Not For Threes. Warp 1997

Plaid - Ralome // Rest Proof Clockwork. Warp 1999

Plaid - Squance // Double Figure. Warp 2001

EDIT: The links are now fixed.

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Aahh Plaid. Brillianbt music. I absolutely adore Rest proof clockwork. Great post as always!
404 on the mp3s though :|
Ralome works fine but The Langer appears to have screwed up the upload for the other two. He's currently at Glastonbury but I'll see he sets it straight upon his return...
Plaid are legends.
Don't know what was going on there! Rakimou and Squance did not work and Ralome was actually Squance. Confused?

That'll teach mw to hurry a post and not check the links next time. Everything is now in order.
I also discovered this soundtrack from 2007..
comments/feedback from anyone?
I too adore Plaid. I used Rest Proof Clockwork for my infant school kids to make up 'alien' dances to.
I wish my school teachers had treated me to such delights - inspired!
you probably already knew this but just in case you didn't...
their first album was 'Mbuki Mvuki' from 1991. all of the tracks from that album later appeared on 'Trainer'.
Thanks for sharing.
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