Monday, May 12, 2008

Illectro Works

Electronica duo 7 Hurtz make a welcome return to the fore with a new EP on the Process label. We'd like to take some of the credit for their return and subsequent naming of their new EP, "Illectronic #1". We await our royalty cheque with bated breath ;-)

The duo have been quiet since 2003 with their last release "Electroleum" on Trevor Jackson's now legendary defunct label Output Recordings. New track "Illectro" is yet more subtle and melodic Electro with spaced out synths riding high and soaring strings. The other two tracks "The 5 Voices of The Prophet" and "Snowblind" are more melancholic affairs reminiscent of Plaid and Black Dog Productions

The Illectronic #1 EP is out now on Process. Buy the tracks at Juno Download

7 Hurtz - Illectro // Process

I couldn't leave without sharing one of their classics. "Stokers Motor" was the track that got me into their sound and still sounds totally fresh and relevant today. The remix version here has extra vocal samples in the breakdown and wailing sirens to really lift it somewhere special. Classic.

7 Hurtz - Stokers Motor (Remix) // Output Recordings 2000

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never heard of 'em before. very lush stuff, thanks!
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